Must Love Dogs: A Guide to Dating

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Must Love Dogs: A Guide to Dating

Dating is a game of compatibility. First, you have to meet someone that you’re actually interested in getting to know, and then comes the process of actually getting to know them.You begin to learn about each other’s likes and dislikes. Wouldn’t it be great to have one thing that you can agree with right off the bat? How about your shared love for dogs!

For starters, you still need the garner the courage to begin talking to a stranger. Having a great friend to be your wingman (or wingwoman) is a great advantage, especially to help in those sometimes awkward first-meeting scenarios. For us dog owners, we are extra lucky by having our very own four-legged “wingdog” with us whenever we want!

Having a dog will help you get out more where you have the opportunity to meet more people. Then, once you meet someone, having dogs is something special to bond over. We surveyed 2,000 people about their relationships with their dogs and actually found that 80% of people said it would be a deal breaker if their romantic partner did not like their pet!

So, with all that being said, how can having a dog help you meet the person of your dreams?

Dog lovers unite!

Taking your dog to a dog park, or even on regular walks through our neighborhood is a great way to meet new people. Asking people questions about their dog can be a great conversation starter. Also, you can begin to frequent restaurants and outdoor event that allow dogs. You’d be surprised who you might meet just a few miles away from where you live.

Must love (your) dog

You can tell a lot about someone by the way they interact with your dog and with their own dog as well. Also, dogs are very good at picking up on people’s personalities. Watch the way your potential date interacts with your dog and the way your dog interacts back. According to a survey by PetSmart Charities and 48% of women surveyed said they judge their date based on how their pet reacts to them. (This is compared to 30% of men.)

Let’s get physical

Walking or running with your dog can help you stay physically fit. Boosting your own self-confidence, while staying healthy, is a great way to attract a partner. Also, adding activities like running and hiking to your repertoire can be great since these are even more things to bond over with the people you meet.

Profile pic

People are more likely to respond favorably to a photo with a dog in it. Having a profile photo feature you and your dog in it is a great way to attract other potential dog lovers. Whether this is on a dating app or on social media, be proud of the love you have for your dog!

Meet Ups

There are meetup groups that are designed especially for dog-lovers and even some groups that are focused on certain breed get-togethers. What could be cuter than a group of Corgi owning people getting together and bonding over what they love the most- corgis!

Dating Sites

Yes, there are actually dating sites that only feature people who love dogs. There is a new app called Dig that is considered “the dog person’s dating app.” Not only does their app match you with local dates, but also shares lists of dog-friendly places so you can bring your pups on your dates too! In addition, they have tips, tricks, and deals in the app that are customized to their audience.

Following these foolproof tips will help you land a date in no time. Now all you have to do is figure out where to go! Check out some of our top picks:

For a date night in, here are some of our top picks for dog-related movies.

There are also many places all over the country that boast being dog-friendly such as these beaches.

Also, make sure to check out these pawesome places: Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Texas, Charleston, Los Angeles, and even some dog-friendly hotels in Orlando, Florida.

Keep reading The Wanderer each week as we continue to add more dog-friendly attractions all over the country! Also, as you venture out on your dog-friendly dates, send us some photos. We’d love to hear all about how you met your dog-loving partner!

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