Nissan’s Perfect Dog-Friendly Concept Car is Pawsome

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Nissan’s Perfect Dog-Friendly Concept Car is Pawsome

Dogs and car rides go together like peanut butter and jelly. How many times have you simply picked up your keys and seen your furry friend's ears perk up? Most dogs love a good road trip, and Nissan has noticed. The Japanese car company has taken its X-Trail, a stylish mid-sized SUV sold as the Rogue in the U.S., and designed a concept version perfect for dog lovers and their canine buds who love to travel. The Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs has a wealth of amazing dog-friendly features that'll have you drooling and crossing your paws this car moves from concept phase into production.


Padded perch. The rear space of the vehicle was designed with Fido's comfort in mind. It's roomy and padded, offering a comfortable perch on road trips for dogs. Plus, there's a vent in the back specifically designed to keep furry friends warm or cool as needed.

Spill-proof water bowl. A bowl that's constantly full and won't slosh or drip is the perfect answer for pups on the go.

Smart treat system. A traveling dog deserves road snacks, and the built-in treat system delivers with the push of a paw.

Human-friendly dog shower. A built-in circular shower encompasses the dog and keeps the human element in the equation from getting soaked. The washing system is compact and ready when you need it, the perfect solution for sandy beaches and muddy romps. And you won't face a messy car to clean after a long day of fun.

Built-in dryer. Your pup can dry off fast thanks to a built-in dryer hose.

Video monitor. Traveling with dogs and keeping an eye on them can be challenging. The X-Trail has a video monitor so you can keep an eye on your four-footed passengers in the back seat. The doggie area also has a video monitor, ensuring Spot can see and hear you.

Ramp. A lightweight, slide-out ramp provides easy access for the paw crowd, giving small dogs and older dogs fighting arthritis just as many fun outings as their larger and younger counterparts.

Safety clip. A safety harness designed with leashes in mind offers extra peace of mind in case of emergency braking or sudden moves.

Add the LINK AKC Smart Collar to this state-of-the-art road trip mix, and you're ready for adventures together. The collar has GPS tracking and an LED light you can trigger with the app on your smartphone. It's the perfect accent for your next road trip.

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