Pet-friendly Tailgating Tips

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Pet-friendly Tailgating Tips

Football season is in full swing and tailgating might be almost as much fun as the game. With all the delicious food and festivities prior to kick-off, it’s no wonder that your pup wants to join in the fun. If you want to make your dog part of the party, here are some helpful tips to keep your dog safe and happy while tailgating.

  • Make sure the tailgating venue is pet-friendly or tailgate in your own backyard.
  • If you're attending the game after your tailgate party, make arrangements for someone to come pick your pup up and bring them home. Never leave your dog alone in a vehicle or unattended outside.
  • Refrain from feeding your dog human food. Instead, try baking some football themed dog biscuits just for them! Chewy’s Football Cookies recipe has a chicken, flour, and peanut butter base, with peanut butter and yogurt decorations.
  • In addition to treats, make sure you bring enough dog food and fresh water for the day and don’t forget their bowls.
  • Dress them up in your favorite team’s colors or jersey, and if it’s cold out, bring a coat or sweater to keep your pup warm and comfy.
  • And don’t forget to plan some games that everyone can enjoy! If you forget to bring a ball along, test your dog’s skills by hiding a treat under a cup and seeing if they can sniff it out from the others.

Happy Tail-gating!

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