Is a Raw Diet Right For My Dog?

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Is a Raw Diet Right For My Dog?

Whether you're adding a new dog to your family, or considering switching up your current dog's food regiment, it can be challenging to decide what type of food to try feeding them with the numerous options available. One of these options is a raw diet, which has been growing popularity and adoption over the past few years. A quick Google Search will yield results touting the success of raw food diets for working dogs and household pets alike. There is no one consensus on whether or not a raw food diet is the way to go but some veterinarians believe it is the key to a healthier, and longer, life for your pup. How do you know if you should start your dog down that road? There are of course some things to consider before going all in on a completely raw diet.

Keep It Balanced

Dogs (and we know some of you have frenemies cohabiting!) can benefit from a raw food diet as long as it is not solely comprised of raw meat. According to Dr. Karen Becker it needs to be a balanced, species-appropriate diet in order for it to be a viable long-term option for your dog.

Incorporate Healthy Trends

Coconut oil, essential oils; can you safely use these with your pets? Dr. Becker's Facebook video shares 8 ways to use coconut oil with your pets and details the many ways lavender essential oils can help reduce skin irritations and more. These items are safe to use with your furry friends but always do your research before putting them on your dog.

The Proper Breakdown is Key

According to HealthyPets a healthy raw-food diet should include 75 percent meat/organs/bones, and 25 percent veggies/fruits. Getting on track with this plan can be challenging, but just like a new diet plan for your human family, meal prep is essential to helping your pet stay on track.

Making the Right Choice for Your Dog

All in all, Dr. Becker says this diet is more aligned with your pup's wild origins and can keep your dog healthy over the long-term. Her three-part video series gives you the pros, cons and everything to consider when choosing if this is the right option for your pet and your family.

There's no "one size fits all" meal plan when it comes to our pups so no matter what kind of diet you choose, make sure he or she is responding well to it and always consult your veterinarian with questions and concerns.

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