Safe BBQ Tips For Dog Parents

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Safe BBQ Tips For Dog Parents

Father's Day is right around the corner and man's best friend can often be found at his side...waiting for a swift breeze to knock a treat (or two!) off of the barbeque. And while it may seem safe to "give a dog a bone," there are some hazards you need to know about when it comes to feeding your dog BBQ delights.

Ribs and Chicken Wings

According to, bones present a serious issue for your dog -- they can splinter and are a choking hazard. It is best to avoid sharing these foods with fido at your next BBQ.


As many of you know, chocolate can be fatal to dogs and should be avoided at all costs but what about questionable foods like fruit, coconut and berries. Grapes and Raisins should be avoided at all costs too -- they can cause kidney failure in some dogs and can be hard to catch. Even if your dog has safely enjoyed these treats in the past, there could come a time when it would be deadly for them to indulge and no one wants to take that risk! You can share coconut oil and coconut with your dog, just be careful of giving them a raw coconut as the fibers and shell can be a choking hazard.

Hot Dogs, Chips and Pretzels

What do these three items have in common? Well, beyond the fact that they're BBQ staples, these treats are WAY too high in sodium for your average pup and can cause an upset stomach. If you are going to feed your dog hot dogs, make sure they're low sodium and that you feed them bite sized chunks to avoid any issues. And be careful, just like humans, dogs can gain weight from too much sodium and with pet obesity on the rise, this is one group to steer clear of.

Alcohol and Fruity Drinks

Dogs should not, as we've said before, have alcohol. Fruit drinks -- sugar, sodium, processed chemicals -- can be harmful to your dog. Make sure you dispose of any abandoned drinks as quickly as possible to avoid the temptation for your pup.

Follow these guidelines to keep your Father's Day and summer BBQs safe and dog-friendly. If you're looking for some additional treats, check out Rover's list of weird treats for dogs including carob and broccoli! And don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share scenes from your adventures this summer!

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