Safety Tips For Having Fun With Dogs At The Beach

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Safety Tips For Having Fun With Dogs At The Beach

When it comes to summer fun, a day at the beach definitely tops the list. And who better to spend a fun summer day with than your pup? But when you’re gathering together your sunscreen, towels, snacks, and beachwear, what should you include for your dog? And when you’re at the beach, what measures do you need to take to make sure your dog stays safe? We’ve got you covered here in our list of the top top safety tips for having fun with dogs at the beach.

Check the Laws

Before you even head out the door, make sure the beach you’re headed to allows dogs. And if they do, get the specifics. Many beaches don’t allow dogs in certain areas, don’t allow dogs off-leash, and don’t allow certain breeds or ages to visit. Just be sure you’re following all the rules and laws, so you and your dog can have a relaxing day!

Know the Signs of Overheating

Keep in mind, your pup has sensitive paws and some breeds even have sun-sensitive skin. Make sure you provide a blanket and shaded area for relief from the heat. If you notice your pup panting excessively; experiencing vomiting or diarrhea; or having trouble walking, then you need to get him out of the sun immediately because he is overheating.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Just like sunscreen is important for you, dog-safe sunscreen is important for your dog, especially those with shorter coats. Sunscreens for your pup can be purchased online or at most pet stores. Read the instructions carefully!

Don’t Go Off-Leash if He’s Not Ready

If your dog only comes to you sometimes when called, he’s not ready to go off-leash at the beach. The ocean is full of enticing new smells, and only the most well-behaved and well-trained dogs should be allowed to roam free. And again, make sure to check the local laws, because some beaches don’t allow dogs to go off leash at all. Either way, staying within reach of your pup is always the safest bet.

Bring Water

Ocean water is dangerous for your pup to drink and can make him really sick. When it’s hot, he’ll be tempted to drink whatever is around, so make sure to bring plenty of water to discourage him from drinking ocean water.

Bring a First Aid Kit

The beach poses a lot of different hazards, so it’s important to bring a puppy first aid kit. Because of the bacteria present in the water and on the beach, it’s important to have antibiotic ointment with you in case your dog gets even a small cut while playing in the sun.

Shower Off the Saltwater

Saltwater isn’t great for your dog’s coat, so just like you rinse off before traveling back home or to your hotel, be sure to rinse the saltwater and sand off your dog as soon as possible.

Follow these easy tips and you’ll be able to relax and have a safe, enjoyable fun-filled day at the beach with your best friend!

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