Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

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Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

Nearly half of all dog owners let their canine companions sleep in bed with them. But is it healthy? Here's a list of the potential problems and potential benefits that might come from sharing a bed with your dog.

Pros of Sleeping Next to Your Dog

  • Having your dog there to cuddle at night can provide a sense of comfort, helping to relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and even alleviate symptoms of depression.

  • Dogs help keep the bed warm on cold nights - and your warmth can keep them from shivering too.

  • While at night, the difference in sleep cycles can be difficult, in the morning, being woken up by your dog beats an alarm clock any day of the week.

  • Even when they're asleep, dogs are highly attuned to danger and can pick up on the sound of an intruder or other nighttime emergency and alert you. This means you can sleep a lot easier, knowing that your dog is there to protect you from harm.

  • All the benefits of spending time with your dogs, such as comfort, companionship, and bonding, are increased by allowing them to spend even more time with you each night in bed.

Cons of Letting Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed

  • Dogs and humans have different sleep cycles. While humans sleep in a single, uninterrupted period, dogs wake up and go back to sleep multiple times throughout the night. Your dog's periods of movement and wakefulness can disrupt your own sleep patterns.

  • The close proximity can exacerbate allergies and asthma. Though in truth, if you suffer from dog allergies, this will likely be a problem in the daytime too, particularly any time the two of you cuddle up or get close.

  • There's a risk you could pick up any diseases or unpleasant problems your dog might have such as fleas or even a pesky tick.

  • If you let your dog sleep in your bed, soon they won't want to sleep anywhere else and might get separation anxiety if the two of you are apart for a night. You might tell yourself you're letting them in "just this once," but once you do, be aware that you now have a furry bedfellow for life.

  • Those dirty paws! Dogs jump into bed wearing the same "clothes" they wear around all day (their fur!) so get ready to have any dirt and debris they picked up along the way spread amongst your sheets.

In the end, most experts agree that the benefits of having your dog sleep in your bed far outweigh the risks. So if your furry friend helps you get a good night's sleep, then that's all that matters. There may be a few hiccups, but in the end, you'll both be a lot happier together than apart.

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