The Dog Agency: Turning Our Pets Into Celebrities

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The Dog Agency: Turning Our Pets Into Celebrities

Social media and pets are a feel-good combination for people across all demographics. So when a feisty Shiba Inu or crazy-cute Cardigan Welsh Corgi suddenly joins that exclusive group of the most famous pets online, many owners turn to The Dog Agency to help them deal with the business offers arising from sudden celebrity. Because when each post by a famous pet can earn thousands of dollars, smart paw-rents know they need expert help. Founded by New York entrepreneur Loni Edwards, The Dog Agency represents this novel category of influencers, a select group of captivating canines sought out by companies for their voracious audiences.


Loni Edwards and her French Bulldog Chloe

The Dog Agency leverages the accounts of many of the most famous dogs on Instagram. They procured advertising work for such famous dogs as Tuna, the Chiweenie with the silly overbite and nearly 2 million followers, the hat-wearing wiener dog Crusoe and the adorable French Bulldog pair, Piggy and Polly.

With a notable client like The Dogist, which introduces dogs to more than 2.7 million followers, The Dog Agency sometimes uses the high-profile Instagram account to promote pet medication, cruelty-free cosmetics, innovative dog products and even luxury hotel chains. A VIP list of Loni's clients joined the LINK AKC Pack over the summer including Harlow and Sage, Waffle Nugget, Gone to the Snow Dogs and Remix the Dog.

Edward's successful venture means she represents her own pup, Chloe the Mini Frenchie. The elegant scamp has become a social media sensation in her own right thanks to her 175,000 fans. Loni says The Dog Agency has to turn away hundreds of submissions every week, but the company is always on the lookout for special pets with the potential to become social media stars. The secret to getting into the big leagues is by consistently offering high-quality content and engagement to your dog's devoted followers.

Is your dog fashion-forward, happy and full of life like the most beloved famous Instagram influencers? We hope you'll share their star power with us on Instagram using hashtag #linkakc.

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