The Dos and Don'ts for Missing Dog Posters

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The Dos and Don'ts for Missing Dog Posters

Tips to keep in mind when creating missing dog posters & fliers.

  • Yellow is said to be the most visible color from far away so try printing your flyer on bright yellow paper to attract the most eyes.
  • Purchase paper protectors for your flyers so they don’t get ruined by rain.
  • If you are offering a reward, do not put the amount that you are offering on the flyer at first.
  • Always use a recent photo of your dog! Use the best quality photo that you can find of your dog. Also, detail any distinct markings and coloring that may not be easily identifiable on the photo.
  • Write your dog’s name and/or nickname.
  • Write the date your dog went missing and the location they were last seen.
  • Mention any medical needs on your flyer.
  • Clearly write what a person should do if they happen to spot your pup:
    • Have them contact you directly! Leave your name and phone number.
    • Write “Do not Chase!” on your poster. If someone sees your dog their first instinct might be to try to run and catch her. This will only scare your dog even more and hinder efforts to get her home safely as quickly as possible.
  • Share your flyer on social media!
  • Finally, remove your posters from all areas once your pup is found!
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