The Link Pack - Join Us!

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The Link Pack - Join Us!

Whether your furry best friend is an avid adventure seeker, weekend dog park warrior, or your Netflix partner, they deserve to be part of our pack. Check out some of the pups who have joined us and are loving their Link Smart Collars...almost as much as their paw'rents!


Notorious for running after deer, Miss Bama Sue's owner loves the GPS feature.


Full of curiosity, adventure and loyalty, Jackson is the epitome of 'Man's Best Friend'.


Remis is a fast-growing pup and with our Puppy Guarantee, he'll always have a Link Smart Collar that fits.


Killian loves a good adventure, and that's okay with his owner now that he wears a Link Smart Collar.


After his long walks, Kovu is always ready for a nap. His owners love their Link collar because of the peace of mind they now have.


Cooper's paw'rent loves Link's sleek look, connectivity, it's water resistance and the LED light...well that's an added bonus.


Archie has been working on his recall training using our sound feature. He looks like he's ready to share some advice, what do you think?


Mossy was one of the first pups to share their "unboxing moment" and we absolutely loved it! We hope you're having the best adventures with Link.

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