The Perfect Dog for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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The Perfect Dog for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Did you catch Astro-fever as we rode the Great American Eclipse Wave? Well, we're here to help you find your star-sign companion. We've matched you to a breed with the same characteristics and personality, zodiac-ly speaking! From Aries to Pisces, ram to fish, this is the place where the planets align and you find your new best friend.

ARIES: March 21st - April 21st

You're the ram, Aries, which means you are brave and daring. You're not afraid of new adventures and often organize group get-togethers, whether it's spelunking or camping. Siberian Huskies are the Aries of the dog world, strong and willing to fearlessly explore. With a Husky by your side, you two might be leading a pack of friends or venturing out on a hike or run of your own. Plus, you'll get warm snuggles in the wintertime.


TAURUS: April 21st - May 21st

Excuse me, Taurus, are you listening? Of course not, because you're a stubborn sign, and you're going to do things your way! A Beagle could be your new best bud because he's the breed that follows orders the least (remember Snoopy?). These dogs have a penchant for ignoring you, but you've got the resolve to make sure he does things your way. In a war of wills, your bull-headedness will win (in between sloppy kisses, of course). Try the remote sound feature of the LINK AKC collar to aid with training and getting that adorable Beagle in line.


GEMINI: May 21st - June 21st

There are two sides to every coin, and two sides to every Gemini. But who will be your doggy doppelganger? Why, the Jack Russell Terrier of course! Fun and fantastic, the Jack Russell gives the erratic twin sign a run for its money. For every tenacious moment, there's a quiet dog excited to learn. For every bark, a big, wet lick. They are one part excitement, one part determination, one part steal your heart adorable. Adaptable and adoptable, this dogged breed (pun intended) will be the yin to your yang.

CANCER: June 21st - July 21st

You're not as crabby as you seem, Cancer. You just get caught up in the mood. You're also really great at recognizing nuances, and friends take note of your sensitive nature. We have the perfect dog for you - the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Cavies have more empathy and nurturing in their left paw than most people have in their whole body. Stay close to your sensitive Cav and you'll be rewarded with their loyalty and strength when you need it.

LEO: July 21st - August 21st

You would think that a cat might be the Lion sign's best friend, but turn your attention to the Golden Retriever. The always-jovial Golden will share a smile with you, while keeping the noble stance of a dog that is confident in himself and his owner. You two will be commanding respect and admiration when out and about. Your walks will be slow, though, as you both steal the show and a plethora of pets and hugs along the way. The Golden Retriever will boost that Leo ego by widening your already bright spotlight.


VIRGO: August 21st - September 21st

The Scottish Terrier is precisely the dog you need! True terriers (and Virgos) are faithful but stubborn and fastidious in their wants and needs. Things have to be just right for both of you, and people will hear about it (through lecture or barking) if it doesn't go your way. Scotties have a very serious façade, but are amazing at fun things like agility. Due to very short legs, you certainly won't go running together. But that's fine, because you both enjoy long, leisurely walks, enjoying nature and each other's fascinating company.

LIBRA: September 21st - October 21st

Libras are notoriously artistic and social, so the Havanese could be the perfect pooch for you. Clothe them in posh finery and bring them along for a trip to the museum, art opening, or foremost event of the season. The Havanese is a natural at striking up new friendships, just like you. The two of you will be the talk of the town with your pawsome social skills and amazing fashion sense. Seriously, if you can't put a tie or pearls on your faithful companion, whom can you dress up? Matching outfits are so underrated.

SCORPIO: October 21st - November 21st

Portuguese Water Dog. Plain and simple. The former first dogs' breed is close to a Scorpio's heart: focused, intense, but also spontaneous and loving. A Porty is the light to your dark, but you're both the mysterious type. No one should underestimate your two. Both Scorpios and the PWD communicate their needs vocally and understand each other implicitly. You'll provide the scorpion zing and your dog will lick that sting away. You're the power couple of the year!

SAGITTARIUS: November 21st - December 21st

You're the fire. Who else to ground you than the stable, earthy Labrador Retriever? You burn through physical challenges, you run up mountains and roll down hills, and you need a dog that will keep up with you. Look into those earnest eyes and you will feel the honesty and devotion of this breed. The Lab is everyone's friend, just like you, but saves the true love and allegiance for family. You will find balance to your philosophical side with goofiness unmatched by any other breed. Keep track of health and wellness with LINK AKC's 3-axis accelerometer to make sure your outings together are giving them the exercise they need.


CAPRICORN: December 21st - January 21st

Although it's a working breed, the Miniature Schnauzer won't get your goat. Actually, they are as hard working as you are, and wildly protective. They share your authoritative glow. You are sure to get results when teaching them new tricks, and you couldn't ask for a more steadfast companion; one that is perfect for you. Just like you, they are always looking out for others and want to make sure to leave an impression. Keep your eye on the sky as you and your new family member hold your headstrong noggins high. The world will admire as you pass!

AQUARIUS: January 21st - February 21st

Who's that with that supermodel dog? It's you, strutting with your elegant Afghan Hound. Aquarius, you are a trendsetter and glamorous and you deserve a dog that equals you in dramatic presence. You do everything with a sense of humor; the Afghan will match you with grace (and a slight bit of aloofness), and will be tuned into your friendly nature. No need to worry about this breed being needy, they are perfectly fine being left along for a few hours while you step out to dinner at the new eatery in town.

PISCES: February 21st - March 21st

Pisces, you're the fish, with colorful fins spread wide to evoke your ethereal nature. We're pairing you with the Papillion, the butterfly dog, and the breed that is as mystical as it is playful. Use your infinite ingenuity to create memorable moments together! The Papillion is no delicate creature, though, and is very trainable. Imagine this little pup curled up by your feet as you paint your next masterpiece, write a groundbreaking musical, or that bestseller (The Adventures of Butterfly Dog, maybe?).

For more information on these and other wonderful dog breeds, check out The American Kennel Club's breed pages and rescue information on their website.

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