The Puppy Challenge: Then & Now Photos

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The Puppy Challenge: Then & Now Photos

Oh, puppyhood! What could be better than those bright eyes, soft paws, and awkward gait? You would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t crack a smile at the sight of a puppy galloping towards them. At LINK AKC we get to see our fair share of puppies, but what’s even better is getting to watch them grow up into adorable adult dogs. We love puppies so much we even created a Size Guarantee for when you order a smart collar from us. If your pup outgrows the original size collar that you ordered, we will send you another size!

Let’s take a look at some of our pack member’s puppy challenge photos!

First up is Leia: With a puppy photo like this one, it's no wonder Leia has turned into such an amazingly gorgeous dog!

Copper is a lucky pup that lives in NY and CO. If this puppy photo doesn't give you the warm and fuzzies inside, we don't know what will!

Some pups are born with a strong level of sass, while other dogs, like Bear, perfect their attitude as they get older.

Of course, we have to mention our very own Kenzie! This little scruffy dog was found in a swamp is Louisiana after a period of heavy flooding in 2016. She has grown into quite the eccentric pup! She has changed so much over the years, except of course for her white paws, commonly known as her "socks."

Next up is Hadley and her little sister Posie:

Hadley's family writes "This past Christmas Santa brought Posie. She is the sweetest, goofiest little pup and Hadley's new best friend. Everywhere we go Posie is right behind, soon to be in front I'm sure! Posie is excited to get her own LINK like her sister. This company has been the best and the product is top notch. Hadley is not the easiest on collars, trackers, etc after smashing one on the cement and losing one we keep coming back because of the company and everything it offers. We also like to see how much she exercises in a day!"

And who would we be to not share a baby photo of Hadley herself!!

One of our favorite duos is Parker & Bandit. How sweet is baby Bandit? (We love you too, Parker!)

Han Solo the Husky/Lab mix is proof that you really can get even cuter with age!

While not technically a little puppy photo, we HAD TO share with Before & After photo of our friend Bandit.

Bandit's mom says, "Surrendered to animal control as a young pup and not well-suited for the shelter environment, Bandit was pulled by a rescue group for fostering until we adopted him in October of 2015. He has flourished since then, gaining confidence with every new experience. Whether it's a carefree ride around town in his bicycle basket or wagging his tail through dog-friendly vacations to the beach, Bandit is always happy and willing to go exploring. LINK AKC provides us with peace of mind no matter what new doggy adventure awaits!"

Prepare to be amazed by how perfectly precious DonDon was as a little baby and now as an adorable (almost) 1 year old Pomsky in Los Angeles California.

Speaking of pups that are still enjoying puppyhood, check out Piper!

Last but certainly not least we have our dear friend Koda! When asked about Koda, mom Samantha wanted to share with us what a great agility dog Koda has become.

She said, "I got Koda he when was 7 weeks old. I always new Huskies were stubborn dogs so I wanted to take on the challenge to train him not only in the basics, but agility as well. You don't seee many Huskies doing agililty that's why I thought it would be a unique opportunity. We started with the basics and learned the proper technique. Now we're working on longer courses. Not everyday is a perfect day in agility, you always have to work things out when your pup misses the tunnel ramp, dogwalk, etc or does the jump the wrong way. You always have to go back and correct it right away. It's always good to have high value food and fun tug toys so your dog has high drive. Now Koda is turning 2 on May 10th. I am hoping to get him into some agility trials soon. So happy I could share with you all and I can't wait to continue to show you Koda's success in agility!"

Do you have some great puppy transformation photos to show us? Tag us in your photos and we might just share them in our next puppy roundup!

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