The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Pet Insurance

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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Pet Insurance

Nowadays, pets are just as much a member of our families as our human relatives. They sleep in our beds, “help” with chores, and even travel with us. So, it’s important to make sure they’re protected during all the unexpected happenings of daily life. Pet insurance is a great way to make sure that you can give your pet the care they deserve, should they ever fall sick or become injured. If you’re considering a policy for your pet, read below to discover the top five reasons to get pet insurance!

Top 5 Reasons to Get Pet Insurance

1. Financial Protection: Veterinary bills and unexpected expenses can quickly add up and become a burden to pet parents. With pet insurance, pet parents can get up to 90% cashback on eligible expenses, lightening the financial load considerably. Typically, pet parents with pet insurance will pay the vet bill up front and receive cashback once the claim has been processed. Reimbursement can come in the form of a check, or through a direct deposit into your account. Look for providers that offer your preferred method. 

2. Customizable Coverage: Not all pets have the same needs. Their coverage is different depending on their breed, age, and lifestyle. Look for a pet insurance provider that allows you to customize your pet’s plan, so it fits their needs as well as your budget. Certain providers give you a variety of options, and then allow you to choose your deductible, reimbursement rate, and annual limit. Some providers even offer unlimited plans, which can go a long way for vet bills. Know more about what does pet insurance cover.

3. Quality Care: Without additional financial support, pet parents can sometimes be limited in the treatment options they can provide for a pet that is ill or injured. Pet insurance can provide the additional financial support that allows pet parents to focus on the best treatment option and the recovery of their pet, rather than the cost of treatment. 

4. Peace of Mind: Pets bring immeasurable joy and happiness into their families. So, it can be difficult to think about what comes after an accidental injury or a bad diagnosis. By enrolling in a pet insurance plan, pet parents can have peace of mind, knowing that should their pet fall ill or become injured, they can have the financial support to provide them with the best care possible. Aim to find a provider with no networks, this will allow you to visit any vet in the United States (and Canada) for treatment, and can greatly increase your options for care if you like to travel with your pet. 

5. Preventive Care: There are certain bills that pet parents naturally expect to come with bringing a pet into their homes. The cost of food, toys, bedding, treats, veterinary care; the list goes on. Annually, pets need exams, vaccinations, and dental cleanings, and most are microchipped or spayed or neutered. With a pet insurance plan, pet parents can benefit from preventive care packages that cover the cost of these routine veterinary services.

When it comes to the safety of our pets, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Enrolling your pet in a pet insurance plan can help provide you with the reassurance that should something unexpected happen to them, you will have additional financial support to seek the care they need. And, if your pet never needs emergency treatment, you can still benefit from cashback when it is time for their annual exams, vaccinations, and other routine veterinary visits. Pet insurance is a worthwhile investment for pet parents who want the additional peace of mind it can provide. 

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