The Ultimate Dog Party Checklist

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The Ultimate Dog Party Checklist

June 22nd is Dog Party Day! What better way to show your canine companion how much you appreciate them, than with a celebration? You can throw a party for your dog's birthday, to celebrate a milestone, like their graduation from obedience school, or have one just because. But regardless of the theme, any good party takes planning. How do you throw a party that will be fun for both dogs and humans alike? Start by following this checklist:

five different dogs frolicking in a field

Pick the Perfect Location for Your Pup Party

If you have a big backyard with plenty of room for other dogs to move around comfortably, you might decide to host the party at your house. However, if space is limited, you have several other options. Ask a friend with a more suitable home if they'll host. Or you can hold it at your local dog park, or dog beach. Scout it out ahead of time to find a good spot for the festivities.

happy dog wearing a bow tie and sitting on a porch with balloons in the background

Choose the Right Dog Party Decor

A few decorations to set the mood can really give your party life. Be careful, though. Particularly if you're hosting the party in a public place, check with the venue first to see how much decorating you're allowed to do. Can you put up balloons and streamers at the dog park? Can you erect a small tent to provide shade to your guests? Also consider whether your decorations are properly secured to prevent them from being bitten, clawed at, or otherwise torn down by feisty dogs.

Put Together the Perfect Guest List for Your Canine Celebration

Determine how many dogs your venue can comfortably accommodate, then make a list of your friends with canine companions to invite. Make sure ahead of time that all the dogs are well-behaved and won't make a scene or become hostile around other dogs. Safety is your top priority, so it's essential that you be able to keep the peace.

a collection of eight different dog party invitation designs

Send Out the Invitations!

Once you have a list of who you want at your dog party, it's time to spread the word. A Facebook event is the quickest way to get the information out, but it might also be nice to make personalized invitations. You can find templates online for dog-themed party invitations and fill in all the info as needed. If you regularly take your dog to a dog park or other canine community, bring the printed invitations with you and hand them out.

dog licking a cake decorated with a red ribbon and dog bone shapes along the side of the cake

Get the Grub

See if there's a dog bakery in your area that can provide a cake and other treats that are safe and delicious for your furry guests. Or, if you're feeling ambitious, you can find dog recipes, and make and decorate the cake yourself. Also have food for the human guests, and keep the human options and dog options separate, to make sure everyone is safe, happy, and well-fed.

one dog chasing another dog through a grassy field with a ball in its mouth

Plan Perfect Paw Party Playtime

It's important to have fun things planned for your canine guests to do. Have plenty of balls, frisbees, and other things on hand for them to play with. If the party is on private property, you might even consider creating a doggie water slide using things like sprinklers, hoses, tarps, and kiddie pools.

This list is just the beginning. There are plenty of other things you can do when planning your dog party. Think about the things your furry friend loves most, and plan a celebration that's both safe and fun, and will give your dog the experience of a lifetime.

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