Tips for Dogs That Hate The Rain

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Tips for Dogs That Hate The Rain

The saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” so it’s time to pull out those umbrellas and rain boots. Preparing for inclement weather is something that we as humans are used to. While some dogs may jump at the idea of romping through puddles, others are less than enthusiastic to head outside in the rain.

Whether you’re potty training or trying to break a habit, getting your dog used to the rain is a great way to prepare them for a future passing shower or even downpour. Here are some tips:

Start by taking your dog out on a leash and holding a large umbrella over them. Yes, you should make sure the umbrella is covering your pup at the expense of your own dryness. You have a raincoat on, they don’t! Bring some treats and praise your dog when they do their business.

Try getting your dog used to the feeling of having wet paws and fur. On sunnier days, invite them to play in the sprinkler or feed them outside on some wet grass. Get them to associate the rain with positive things like praise and treats. If your first time is unsuccessful, try, try again. Bring them back inside but keep them on a leash and try again in 20 minutes or so. Don’t give them the opportunity to make a mistake inside the house.

If all else fails, get them a raincoat of their own! Yes, they make raincoats AND booties for dogs. Many dogs don’t like getting their head wet so try to find one that has a hood.

Once your walk is over, make sure you have a towel waiting at the door to dry them off. There are companies out there like Soggy Doggy that sell door mats, towels, and shammies that are designed to absorb water right from your pup’s fur and paws! Get your dog used to having their paws touched by giving them paw massages when they are comfortable and lounging around the house. This desensitization will make it easier for when you need to dry off their paws after a walk in the rain.

We hope these tips and tricks will help get your pup prancing through puddles in no time and when they do, be sure to share the best pictures with us on Instagram!

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