Travel Hound or Dog Sitter Buddy? Know Before You Go

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Travel Hound or Dog Sitter Buddy? Know Before You Go

Taking a vacation without your favorite four-legged friend can be a source of anxiety for both of you. Should she come with you or stay at home with a dog sitter? If your dog stays behind, will you worry excessively instead of enjoying your journey? Will your usually well-behaved best friend chew up on the couch while you're out of town?

If you're traveling for more than 2-3 days, these questions may keep you up at night. It would be so easy if you could just ask your lovable fur ball what she prefers.

Even though your dog knows a vocabulary of 165 words or more, you'll have to answer for her on this matter. Dog experts recommend keeping a few questions in mind when deciding whether to hire a dog sitter or pack up the pooch and take her with you on your next excursion.

Dog Sightseeing

When it comes to traveling, we recommend putting your dog's interests first. Will she be more comfortable in familiar home surroundings or happier on-the-go alongside her favorite person? Is she healthy enough to travel and up to date on her vaccines? Is your destination pet friendly? If she goes, will she spend more time alone in a hotel room than with you? Is there enough space for her in the car?

Dog Sitting

If you decide to let your dog stay home while you travel, do you have a reputable sitter? Dogs like to feel comfortable with their people, so choosing an experienced, pet-friendly human is essential while you're away. Canine behavioral expert Cesar Milan says, "Find a good substitue pack." A sitter who takes care of your dog should make your pet feel like an adopted family member.

We may be biased, but we think the best solution is the LINK AKC Smart Collar. Together, you can record your adventures using the app's photo features. If you're apart, you'll have peace of mind with the app's precise activity monitor and alerts.


  1. Will you worry instead of enjoying your travel if you hire a petsitter?
  2. Will your dog be anxious or misbehave while you're away?
  3. Is your dog more comfortable at home or traveling with you?
  4. Is your dog a good traveler?
  5. Is your dog healthy and current for vaccines?
  6. Is your destination pet friendly?
  7. Will your dog spend more time with you or alone in a hotel room?
  8. Is there enough room in the car for your dog?
  9. Do you have a reputable pet sitter?
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