Understanding Your Link: In-App Health Tools

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Understanding Your Link: In-App Health Tools

The Link Smart Pet Wearable is rich with health-related tools and data that help pet parents understand and manage their pet's total health and wellbeing. With Link, you have an all-in-one solution to your dog's day-to-day needs, including a quick and easy way to better understand and manage the unknowns when it comes to their health. 

The symptom analysis tool is the primary starting point for understanding what your dog is experiencing and getting clear recommendations on the level of urgency and next steps. To use the symptom analysis tool, included as an added benefit with every all-access plan, you'll simply fill out a quick but detailed survey about your pup's behaviors and symptoms, and you'll receive real-time recommendations on next steps along with a level of urgency in having your dog seen by a vet. Built by vets with over 99% accuracy in assessing urgency of seeking care means you have peace of mind 24/7.  

The 24/7 live tele-vet service provides emergency vet care when you need immediate assistance. The service will connect you via chat, phone or video to a licensed veterinary care provider in moments to provide insight and care whether you're at home or on the road. Knowing you have direct access to emergency vet care at your fingertips within the Link My Pet app is a must-have for caring pet parents like you. 

Pet care is also made simple with Link's in-app record storage and medication reminders. Simply upload your vaccination and other care records into the app and easily share with your vet, groomer, doggie daycare or other care providers at the tap of a button. Keeping track of paper records and ensuring you have them handy when needed is a problem of the past. 

Ensure you're equipped to understand all aspects of your dog's health and wellbeing with the smartest pet tech on the market - with Link, you know. Click here to learn more about the Link Smart Pet Wearable - industry-leading GPS dog tracker, health monitor & training aide.

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