Four-Legged Feats: Unusual Dog Tricks

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Four-Legged Feats: Unusual Dog Tricks

See Spot run. See Spot fetch. See Spot grill the perfect steak and shake up a vodka martini. Okay, maybe that's not in Champ's repertoire, but these fantastic feats prove there's always something new, and really cool, your pooch can learn.

Boardsports Galore

Tyson the skateboarding Bulldog is a video legend, and there's even a World Dog Surfing Championship in Pacifica, CA. Teaching Champ to ollie may be a pipe dream, but as long as you're armed with patience and treats, nothing is impossible.

Culinary Hunting

From hunters to herders, a working dog's dedication is fascinating, but a dog putting a lobster tail on the table is pure genius. Alex Schulze, co-founder of Devocean Co., shows you how to pull it off, and he always gives his black Labrador Retrievers high praise for their underwater exploits.

Laundry Day

Don't hold your breath if you're waiting for Champ to separate your colors, but dog breeds that excel at retrieving can have fun while you work on the weekly wash. Simply replace toys with balled socks and other articles of clothing and reward your dog when he drops them into your laundry basket.

Double Dutch

Teaching Champ to retrieve a tennis ball is one thing, but getting him to jump rope takes dog tricks to the next level. Geronimo, the charming heeler of Good Morning America fame, makes it look easy, but it's a tough one. Teaching your pup to jump over anything is a great start!

Does your furry best friend know any unique tricks? Share a video or picture on Instagram and use hashtag #linkadventures!

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