Weekend Plans That Include Your Pup

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Weekend Plans That Include Your Pup

Hearing “No dogs allowed!” is a real day-ruiner, isn’t it? Don’t give up though!

Here are a few fun weekend ideas that are even better with your dog.

Learn a New Game

All fetched out? Your tennis-ball crazy dog could be a great candidate for Flyball, Agility Training, or Dock Jumping. Yes playing with balls, running through tunnels, and jumping into the water are all real dog sports that you can compete in. But making it to the big leagues takes a lot of practice, so start small by checking out the websites for each official sport and slowing working up to the competitive level. Working towards a goal together will bring you closer and tire your dog out faster than a walk ever could! PS: “Tracking” is a fancy word for dog hide and seek. You can start by hiding treats in the couch and take it from there.

Go Daytime Bar Hopping

Nothing beats enjoying a couple of daytime beverages with your best bud. If your canine copilot is friendly enough to hang out in a crowd, take him or her with you when you grab a drink or two with friends. More and more bars and restaurants are realizing that allowing four-legged patrons to dine within their outdoor areas is good for business. Many hot spots even have “secret” menu items for dogs such as In ‘N’ Out Burger’s “pup patty,” a saltless hamburger… hold the everything.


Dog friendly establishments are the best!

Join a Dog Meetup Group

Who says Meetup.com is only for human interests? What’s good for the goose (you) is good for the gander (your puppy). Taking your dog out to meet new friends is a great way to spend a weekend afternoon and the internet makes it super simple to find a dog meetup group for all breeds, ages, and interests. Socializing your dog has so many benefits. It can lower your dog’s anxiety levels, teach him better behavior, and provide high quality mental stimulation. Plus, your little buddy will be so worn out after his play date, he won’t even think twice when you head out to dinner with your human friends after. ZZZZZZ

Plan a Dog Friendly Getaway

Instead of begging a hotel to allow your dog inside, why not plan your next weekend away around an inn that welcomes your pet with open arms? Try starting with websites like www.petfriendlytravel.com and www.dogfriendly.com to easily locate dog-friendly lodging in your favorite vacation spot. And if camping is your thing, even better! Most campsites have designated dog-friendly areas for little campers and their humans to enjoy together.


Host a Doggy Dinner Party

Invite your favorite dogs and humans over to enjoy a homemade meal together. If your dog loves watching you cook, aka begs for scraps the second you set foot into the kitchen, preparing a fanciful feast he can safely enjoy is a fun way to show him you care. The options are endless. Try grilling lean meat and veggies in foil, or using a dutch oven to cook ground turkey or chicken in water. Brown rice, carrots, peas, and broccoli are also healthy, nutritious ingredients that dogs love. The photo opps at this dinner party are going to be phenomenal. Don’t forget to whip something up for the humans too.

Big plans this weekend? Tell us your favorite dog-friendly activity in the comments below.


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