Wellness Tips I Learned from my Dog

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Wellness Tips I Learned from my Dog

Taking care of a pet can teach you a lot about taking good care of yourself. Here are a few things that we can learn from our dogs:

Drinking water

Just like your dog needs fresh water every day, so do you. Drinking adequate water helps with kidney, skin, joint, tooth health and more! It is also important to make sure you and your dog stay hydrated during physical activity, not just after.


Your dog needs consistent meals and a well-balanced diet that provides them with the nutrients and energy they need. Make sure you’re also maintaining a healthy diet, and plan for regular meals. Meal skipping causes low blood sugar which leads to high-caloric cravings and can damage your mood. Eating well is the foundation of a healthy body and the energy to get through the day.


Your dog is excited to go for a walk, are you? Exercise is good for your physical and mental wellbeing. It can relieve feelings of depression, fatigue, and stress, help maintain a healthy weight, and strengthen your muscles, which is important as you and your dog get older. Exercise also helps you sleep!


Your dog knows how to take it slow and enjoy a well-deserved nap. A nap can improve your mood, alertness, and creativity. They aren’t just for pets, and they don’t mean you’re lazy! However, if you are concerned your pooch is sleeping all the time when he should be excited to be with you, something may be wrong. While all of us need sufficient sleep to be on top of our game, excessive sleepiness is a symptom of depression, in both dogs and people.


Ever notice your dog almost always stretches after being in the same position for a while? A stretching routine supports good health, so try getting in a practice of stretching with your dog in the morning and enjoy benefits including increased flexibility, better mobility as you age, and stress relief.

Play and socialize

Humans and dogs are social animals, so both have to learn and practice social skills. When we are young, we learn appropriate behaviors through play (sharing, gentleness), and as we get older play continues to be important for our wellbeing. Play helps us bond and form new friendships, alleviates stress, and keeps our mental and physical health sharp. Plus, it’s fun! Plan regular playtimes with your dog and your friends to take advantage of its benefits.

As we wrap up 2018, make sure to add these tips to your 2019 New Years Resolutions. Also, make sure to tag us in your adventures with your dog. We love hearing all about how you and your dog strengthen your bond each and every day.

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