When Puppy Breath Becomes a Problem

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When Puppy Breath Becomes a Problem

We love our dogs so much that we may ignore the stench that comes along with their big wet kisses. Unfortunately, bad breath from your dog could be the sign of an underlying issue.

Just like for humans, plague and tartar build-up can lead to bad breath and eventually even periodontal disease and other more serious issues. It is important to get ahead of this build-up and brush your dog’s teeth regularly as well as provide them with chews to loosen the tartar as well as any food that may be stuck in their teeth.

Brush the Stink Away:

There are both toothbrushes and toothpaste that are made especially for dogs. Never use human devices or paste on dogs. If your dog is frightened by the idea of getting their teeth brushed, start off slow getting them used to your fingers near their mouths. You may even want to try a gel plaque remover to begin.

Choose the Chews Wisely:

Giving your dog dental chews is another great way to stay ahead of their bad breath. Special chews can help remove tartar. As your dog gnaws on these chews, all the plaque and stuck-on gunk is removed from their teeth. Some of our favorites are Blue Buffalo Dental Bones- All Natural and Dr. Lyon's Dental Treats.

Go Au Naturale:

There are also some natural remedies for dog breath that you can use in conjunction with the above. Healthy Mouth Dental Water is a liquid that you can give your dog instead of their normal water. It is made up of different enzymes that help kill bacteria in your dog’s mouth.

That's Coconuts!

Many people swear by the use of coconut oil for their dog’s breath. In addition to helping with digestion, coconut oil can help get rid of your dog’s bad breath. Trying adding a teaspoonful to your dog’s food and see what a difference it can make.

Remember, if your dog’s breath is getting worse or you can see a large amount of tartar build up on their teeth (pay special attention to the ones in the back), you should make an appointment to see your vet. Not only can they help rule out any underlying conditions, but also they can suggest when to have your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned. Many vets offer occasional discounts on teeth cleaning for your dog. Ask your local vet to see what type of specials they may be running.

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