You’ve Come a Long Way, Puppy: Pet Technology Grows Up

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You’ve Come a Long Way, Puppy: Pet Technology Grows Up

Ten years ago the GPS in your car was a dash-mounted brick that might just steer you into a detention pond, but now directional navigation consists of a soothing voice providing real-time traffic updates and restaurant recommendations. The tech in human gadgets has improved dramatically, and GPS gear for man's best friend has followed suit. The pet technology in the LINK AKC Smart Collar makes life with your four-legged friend stress-free and easier than ever.

Pet Tested, Owner Approved

Murphy sees squirrel. Murphy chases squirrel. Man frantically chases after Murphy. Keeping up with your pal when he loses his way might be the oldest problem in the pet owner playbook, but the location tracking technology in the LINK AKC Smart Collar is making 'Lost Dog' fliers on telephone poles and neighborhood search parties a thing of the past. Just download the LINK AKC Smart Collar app and attach the rechargeable tracking device into the collar, and you're hooked up to AT&T's nationwide network so you can find your furry friend anywhere, any time. You can also set up a virtual safe zone to alert you when your dog has wandered too far.

Ready for Adventure and Memories

Maybe your heeler loves to break trail and explore the unknown, or perhaps your Pekingese thinks a morning stroll to get bagels and coffee is quite enough pulse-pounding action for the day. Whatever your definition of adventure, you know the rule in the 21st century, "pics or it didn't happen." Even if your pooch isn't ready for her own Instagram account, the LINK AKC Smart Collar maps out time-stamped adventures you share with your dog and stores photos you take along the way in a virtual scrapbook.

Here's to Health

Getting amped about a long run and figuring out you've bitten off more than you can chew isn't fun, but carrying a worn out 20-pound French Bulldog all the way back home is even worse. Not only does the LINK AKC Smart Collar's built-in LED light help keep your pup safe while you two are out setting new personal bests, it's also a wellness monitor, taking the guesswork out of tracking your dog's exercise intensity and temperature levels. The vet reminders and vaccination records it keeps may also make your dog officially more organized than you are.

The LINK AKC Smart Collar goes above and beyond bringing puppy finding power to the people. It may be a dog's life, but now you've got the chance to fully enjoy it thanks to an intuitive piece of technology.

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