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The most trusted smart pet wearable

Stay connected to your pet — with the best pet technology available.

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Link’s sleek device, user-friendly app and practical accessories are engineered to meet all your pet needs - from location and activity monitoring to training and safety features

GPS Monitoring

Track location in real-time with advanced GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular technology.


Choose areas where your pet is free to roam, map boundaries in the app, and get immediate alerts if he wanders.

Link Pucks

Create temporary safe zones with portable Bluetooth beacons.

Activity Monitoring

Track moderate and intense daily activity with Link’s 6-axis accelerometer.

Exercise Goals

Customize activity targets for your pet’s age, size, breed and behavior with Link’s patent-pending app algorithm.


Capture and share stats and photos from your most epic walks, romps and trips.

Training Tools

Encourage good behavior through positive reinforcement with remotely controlled tones and vibrations.

View Link’s completely free dog training series.

Activate Link’s built-in, remote-controlled light to help guide late night walks or illuminate your pet’s collar if she gets lost.

Temperature Alerts

Get immediate notifications if your pet’s ambient environment gets too hot or cold.

PetPass & Health Records

Access identification information and vet records for travel or emergencies, and set convenient appointment reminders.

Real-time, in-app management

Track your pet’s location, activity and wellness - all in one place - while connecting to the Link community in the app.

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