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Why do I need a plan?

Create a virtual perimeter – anywhere! The Link Bluetooth beacon is a moveable base that generates an instant radius (a “Place”), monitors your pet’s location, and alerts you if he leaves that zone. Fully portable, the Bluetooth beacon can be used at home, the office, an RV or campground, a family member's home or anywhere your pet frequents.

Because the beacon uses Bluetooth (and not Wi-Fi, cell service, or any other connectivity system), Links that pair with the beacon will experience extended battery life between charges.

  • Signals reach up to 200 ft. (with some variance based on location and layout)
  • 2-year battery life – no charging needed
  • No monthly service fee
  • Extended battery life for Link devices

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    The Most Trusted Smart Pet Wearable

    Link is more than just a GPS pet tracker. It's a smart little collar attachment that puts the most vital information about your pet's health and wellbeing right in the palm of your hands via the Link My Pet app so you can stay connected to your pet 24/7/365.