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Why do I need a plan?

The Link Winter Bundle includes:

  • The All-New Link device
  • 3 stylish, reusable wraps

Ready to track essential health and safety information about your pet, all from a smart pet wearable?

  • The Link is a lightweight, waterproof collar attachment packed with advanced technology helping you stay connected to your pet 24/7/365. Features include industry-leading GPS tracking, activity monitoring and analysis, tone & vibration training tools, vet record storage and so much more. 
  • Printed on premium 3M vinyl for easy application and residue-free removal, Link wraps feature a vivid, high-gloss UV coating that provides sleek, lightweight protection from minor dents, scratches, drops and dust

More about the Link:

  • Monitor your pet’s location from your phone, even when you’re far away, and receive immediate alerts when your pet leaves a designated place

  • Track your pet’s activity and get customized recommendations based on breed, age, and size

  • Link exclusive! Make training easy by using Link’s tone and vibration training controls

  • The Link Health symptom analysis & televet service lets you know if something's wrong with your pup and what you need to do in real-time. Built by vets with over 99% accuracy in assessing urgency of seeking care means you have peace of mind 24/7. 
  • Link exclusive! Gain in-app access to exclusive discounts, offers, and freebies from a variety of pet products, services, and lifestyle brand partners with the Link Membership Perks Program. Link is the only smart pet wearable membership it (literally) pays to be part of. 

  • Shed some light on the night by turning on the built-in flashlight, controlled right from the Link app

  • Keep it cool and monitor the ambient temperature in your pet’s environment, ensuring he never gets too hot or cold

  • Keep all your pet’s important health and identification information on-hand using the PetPass and Vet Records features

  • Link exclusive! Connect with a real human when you need them the most, as you gain exclusive access to the Link Concierge team

The Link device includes a clip and elastic option for easy attachment to any collar, wall charger, and micro-USB cable.

Note: Mulberry Protection applies only to the Link device.

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    The Most Trusted Smart Pet Wearable

    Link is more than just a GPS pet tracker. It's a smart little collar attachment that puts the most vital information about your pet's health and wellbeing right in the palm of your hands via the Link My Pet app so you can stay connected to your pet 24/7/365.