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Easily manage your pet’s ecosystem of care with the Link app. Smart technology and intuitive dashboards keep everything organized and accessible - all in one spot. 


”This app has been a lifesaver and has given us peace of mind with our dog. The customer service is fantastic as well. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a pet they care about.”

App Mockup Places

Single-tap location access 

Designate permanent and temporary safe zones, and easily map boundaries.


App Mockup Temperature Alert

When moments matter

Get immediate alerts if your pet leaves a designated Place or if her ambient environment gets too hot or cold.


App Mockup Location

Peace of mind

Check up on your pet when he’s with a walker or at daycare.


On the Move

On the move

Set activity goals customized for your pet’s breed, size, age and behavior. Track progress every day, and use calendar views to see trends over time.


App Mockup Adventures

Celebrate adventure

Share your daily walks, beach days and epic vacations in the map - with tracked distance, timestamps and photos from along the way.


App Mockup Main Screen

Good vibrations

Exclusive to Link! Positive reinforcement tones and vibrations make learning new commands, behaviors and tricks easy and fun.  

View Link’s completely free dog training series

App Mockup PetPass

Information access

PetPass and medical records keep information easily available for vet visits and travel.


App Mockup Reminder

Appointment reminders

Never miss a vet appointment.