5 Ways to Keep Your Child & Pup Busy This Summer

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5 Ways to Keep Your Child & Pup Busy This Summer

School’s out, summer’s here…anyone bored yet? If you find your child and fur-baby sitting around without much to do it’s time to get them up and moving. Here are 5 creative ways to keep all of the babies in your house entertained this summer:

1. Go to your local library and pick-out a few new books for your child to spend time reading to your pup every day. Not only will it help them maintain their reading skills but possibly improve their attitude toward reading due to associating it with their beloved pet who, will undoubtedly, love the attention.


2. Build an agility course for your yard using items from yard sales or flea markets in your community. Not only does it give you the opportunity to socialize with neighbors you might not know, your kids and dog can both come along to find the perfect parts needed for the course you want to build. Once you’re construction is complete you’ve got a new activity and skills to teach your pup together throughout the summer.

3. Agree on a new trick to teach Fido by the end of the summer, like how to shake or roll-over. Have a leash-puller on your hands? Try challenging them to teach an obedience command like ‘heel’ to show off on your evening walks after dinner. If swimming isn’t your dog’s forte this is a great time of year to find a dog-friendly beach or lake where you can safely work on their water skills and cool down while doing it!


4. Create a treasure hunt for your family to go on together in your backyard, throughout your neighborhood or a local park. Draw a map for your child to follow and find prizes and hide treats along the way to engage your dog’s tracking and scent-following skills.

5. Arts and crafts is just a classic way to entertain kids and there’s no reason Fido can’t be involved too. Utilize your closet after a clean-out to make simply D.I.Y. dog toys like a fleece tug toy or sweatshirt dog bed. Get your little helpers to find solo socks lying around, roll them into a ball, soak in water and place in the freezer. Once the socks are frozen head outside to watch your pup enjoy her new cold, squishy toy! For those brave parents out there, paw and feet-friendly water paint along with a large poster board creates the perfect canvas for colorful fun in the grass. And who knows, you might even end up with something frame-worthy to commemorate the summer.

When it comes to adventures in the summer months always avoid the hottest times of the day and be sure to pack supplies to keep everyone cool when you’re heading outside.

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