Best Dog Parks in America For A Summer of Adventure

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Best Dog Parks in America For A Summer of Adventure

Summer is a great time for travel, for fun and for explorations. Bringing fido along for the ride can be great, especially if you know there will be some fun for your dog along the way. We've compiled a list of the best dog parks across the country to help you get started with summer plans. Know a dog park we missed? Let us know!

Shirlington Dog Park, Arlington, Virginia

Why we love it: This beautifully maintained, all-natural dog park was established over 30 years ago and one of the first officially recognized off-leash dog exercise areas in the region. Spanning two acres alongside an urban stream, it's the perfect spot for off-leash swimming. Added bonus -- there are dog friendly restaurants nearby.


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Hugh Rogers Wag Dog Park, Whitefish, Montana

Why we love it: Through generous donations and community support, the park features fully accessible paved paths, benches, a drinking fountain for dogs, a community pavilion for pup pawties, an agility course, pond and more!

Magnuson Dog Park, Seattle, Washington

Why we love it: Alongside the beautiful fresh water of Lake Washington, Magnuson Dog Park is a fully fenced 8.6 acre puppy playground, and Seattle's largest off-leash dog park!

Rampart Dog Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Why we love it: With gorgeous scenery for you to sit back and enjoy, plus built-in agility equipment for your energetic BFF, everyone will have a great day in the park at this spot.

Fort Woof Dog Park at Gateway Park, Fort Worth, Texas

Why we love it: Fort Woof is Fort Worth's very first fully fenced, off-leash dog park! Human and dog watering stations, picnic tables, complimentary bags for cleaning up after your pup and two large parks for dogs of all sizes. What's not to love!

Elm Creek Reserve Dog Park, Maple Grove, Minnesota

Why we love it: With a permit, you and your dog can enjoy 29 acres of fenced off-leash adventures...which includes a wetland pond!

Dog Wood, Jacksonville, Florida

Why we love it: A member's only dog park, the 42 acre off-leash campus accommodates more activities and adventures than you'll know what to do with. Including park-provided tennis balls, 3 acres lit for nighttime play, 25 acres of fenced land, a full agility course for training and more.

Freedom Barks Dog Park, Medford, New Jersey

Why we love it: The 20 acres of grassy park includes open fields, wooded areas and a HUGE lake (big enough to be a river in some parts of the country).

Glen Canyon Park, San Francisco, California

Why we love it: While dogs do have to remain on their leash at all times, there are 35 acres of wooded trails and canyons to explore...pure natural bliss!

Bark Park, Bentonville, Arizona

Why we love it: The Bentonville Bark Park began as a Girl Scout Project, which turned into a community-wide effort in raising nearly $150,000 for their first dog park. One of the smaller on our list, it's a fenced 1.3 acre area for exercise and socialization.

We'd love to hear about YOUR favorite dog parks! Share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using hashtag #linkakcadventures. Here's to the most pawsome summer ever!

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