Breaking Up With A Dog Walker, Groomer or Vet

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Breaking Up With A Dog Walker, Groomer or Vet

As 2018 approaches, many people are starting to think about making changes. A fresh page on the calendar inspires fresh starts; it's a great time to make the best of your career and home life. This includes relationships with your dog walker, groomer or vet.

Often these relationships were established based on recommendations from friends or just convenience. While one walker, dog groomer or vet may be ideal for one person, that perfect fit might not extend to you. What do you do if you want to "break up" with a pet care service provider? Here are three suggestions on how to handle saying goodbye.

1. Plan ahead. Before parting ways, make sure you've got another trusted dog walker, vet, or groomer in place. Don't leave your dog in the lurch with a split-second or emotional decision. Finding a provider you trust takes time, so make sure you don't leave a gap before the new provider can start.

2. Be honest. It can be difficult to deliver the "break up" news to a provider, but try to separate your emotions from your reasons. Be direct and tell them why you've decided to move on. If you were dissatisfied with the service, be specfic as you outline your reasons without blame or judgment. This gives your provider a chance to understand and maybe improve. If your reason is practical, such as convenience or cost, don't be afraid to tell them. That way, your provider isn't left guessing about what went wrong.

3. Ask for your records. Know ahead of time what records you'll need from your current provider. If you're breaking up with a vet, ask them to have your records transferred to the new vet. This way all the necessary information is ready so that your dog receives the best care possible. If you're breaking up with your dog walker or groomer, ask for any records they may have about your pup's preferences. A history of appointments can even be beneficial so you know what's needed and when for the future.

While switching to a new pet care service provider can feel like a difficult and overwhelming decision, it doesn't have to be. Evaluate your current services in terms of quality, convenience, and cost. If you're not satisfied, there's no time like the new year to make a fresh start.

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