Top Dog Grooming Trends

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Top Dog Grooming Trends

Whether it's a summer shave down or the standard breed-specific cut, your dog's grooming routine might be getting a bit routine. It's time to change it up! Many pawrents are venturing out and selecting trend-setting hairstyles for their dogs. We asked Helen Adler, owner of a grooming company in New York City, to clue us in on the latest trends.

Cutting-edge Cuts

It used to be "if you wanted to be edgy, you would do a mohawk or mullet," says Adler. Now there's a growing demand for cutting-edge, creative hairstyles for dogs, with Asian Fusion work becoming a top trend. "The dog is groomed to look like a cute stuffed animal, with a rounded face and columned legs," Adler explains.

The end result? A very sweet look. According to Adler, "Asian Fusion or other types of creative grooming work best on Terriers, Poodles, Bichons and drop-coated breeds such as Shih Tzus and Lhasa Apsos.

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Color-fur Accents

First comes the cut, and then comes color. "Yesterday's basic mullet or mohawk can be accented with color or glitter," says Adler. "Feather accents and extensions also add a little bling." Adler notes a rising dog hair color trend is blow art, which includes colored stencils, spray color, spray-on glitter and chalk pens. Stencils and blow art work well for shorter-haired dogs.

Beyond Bows

Move over, ascots and bows. Adler has seen fancy accessories and dog jewelry taking off, including tiaras, wristlets and ornaments for collars. A great starting point for a spiffed-up look is adding the LINK AKC Smart Collar to his wardrobe, making your dog the definition of "smartly dressed." You can also take it up a notch with one of these top dog fashion trends.

Is your darling Daisy or handsome Homer sporting a new style inspired by Helen Adler, owner of The Pet Maven? We hope you'll share it with us.

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