Celebrate National Best Friend’s Day With Your Dog

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Celebrate National Best Friend’s Day With Your Dog

June 8th is National Best Friend’s Day, and it’s the perfect day to take some time to celebrate the best friendship in the world. Who is always there for you, no matter the circumstance? Who can you rely on to always give you a smile? Who is seriously the best when it comes to hanging out at the park or just chilling at home? It’s none other than that furry little pup of yours. So, here are some ways to show your best best friend how much you care.

Bake Some Dog-Safe Treats Together

Ok, so maybe your pup can’t help too much when it comes to baking, but he probably wouldn’t mind licking the spoons when you’re done with them. Did you know it only takes around 20 minutes to whip up some delicious cookies that both you and your dog can enjoy? Try out this recipe on Best Friend’s Day and spend some time vegging out with your bestie.

Go on a Photo Adventure Together

Put on your cute summer clothes, grab some water for you and your dog, and head out on a photo adventure together. Let your pup lead the way and see what that little nose can discover. Take some photos of his discoveries, and pose for a few best friend selfies while you’re at it. Log the trip and store the photos in your LINK app’s adventure section, so you’ll always have a memory of the perfect Best Friend’s Day!

Book a Massage

Certified canine massage therapists are trained in exactly how to give your pup a soothing massage. Why not book an appointment with one and then book yourself a massage (with a human massage therapist, of course) at the same time. What a perfect way to start (or end) a best friend’s day – feeling relaxed and full of good vibes.

Spend Some One-on-One time With Your Pup

No matter how you spend best friend’s day, make sure to at least free up some time in your schedule for a little one-on-one with your best best friend. Whether it’s as simple as an extra-long walk, or as extravagant as a fully planned outing, your dog will be thrilled to spend time his favorite person.

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