Discover, Try & Buy LINK AKC at b8ta

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Discover, Try & Buy LINK AKC at b8ta

Right now the LINK AKC Classic Leather and Sport Smart Collars is available to try and buy at b8ta. If you don’t know b8ta yet, you should get to know how it works as b8ta is not like other retailers.

b8ta’s mission is to change the traditional retail model by creating an environment where customers can experience the latest consumer tech products featured out of the box. Each store is armed with a well-trained and super knowledgeable staff member who will either walk you through the discovery process personally with a demo or if you prefer will direct you to digital display unit that is loaded with content so that you can educate yourself. By removing the “behind the glass” mentality of selling consumers are able to discover, try and learn about the latest product.

Until now, you could not touch, feel, and experience the LINK AKC Smart Collar in person before purchasing it. “We are thrilled to have LINK AKC showcased at b8ta locations. I can’t think of a better way to introduce LINK to consumers than by having it done by b8ta specialists.”, said Herbie Calves, CMO at Link AKC.

Where are b8ta stores located? Here is a link to find a b8ta store near you. LINK AKC is available at the b8ta stores in San Francisco, NYC, Corte Madera, Houston, Chicago, & Tysons Concerns.

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