D.I.Y. Doggy Sweater

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D.I.Y. Doggy Sweater

As Winter continues to roll along and the temperature outside drops, it’s time to start bundling up your best friend for walks. Why not get creative with their wardrobe choices? Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to make unique sweaters for your pup, using nothing but your hand-me-downs. When you're finished with your masterpiece, here's how to take the best photo to show off your work.

Step 1

First, find a sweater that you no longer wear. This one shrunk from an XL to a medium in one wash. Perfect! Grab your scissors, cut off one sleeve and stretch it until it’s wide enough to fit over your dog’s belly.

diy-sweater-1 diy-sweater-2

Step 2

Lay the sleeve over your dog’s body to measure for length, mark the end with a permanent marker and cut off excess material. Then, with the seam on the bottom, trim your sleeve into the shape of a dog sweater. You can draw a curved line with your marker as shown here, or just wing it with scissors...there’s always a backup sleeve!


Step 3

Now, pretend you’re making a Valentine’s Day heart and fold your sweater in half as pictured. Cut a half circle into the fold in order to create two perfectly symmetrical little leg holes.


That's It!

And…that’s it! Now you can try your new creation on your enthusiastic model!

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