Dog Christmas Cards

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Dog Christmas Cards

Mail your loved ones special dog Christmas cards this year. With planning and a little imagination, you can make an unforgettable holiday memory to share with friends and family.

1. Be Prepared

Dog Christmas cards do require effort. Give yourself a full day, bring backup batteries for your camera or phone and prepare to take a ton of pictures. Make sure your pooch is ready too. Take her for a relaxing walk beforehand, keep her attention with homemade treats and take regular breaks.

2. Set the Scene

Find just the right setting to showcase your dog's personality. Get an action shot of your fuzzy buddy enjoying a safe frolic in the snow, take her to a mall Santa for a lovely lapdog pose or pose her in a nativity scene. Go cozy and let her lounge under the decorated tree, or go for laughs with her seated at a holiday meal, drooling over Santa's cookies.

3. Play Holiday Dress-Up

Does your dog like or at least tolerates costumes? A mini-Santa suit or elf costume is always fetching. Other simple choices include fabric reindeer antlers, a festive red cap or simply draping her in lights. Another option: wear matching outfits to capture your Christmas spirit.

4. Make a Little Photoshop Magic

Ultimately, if your four-legged bestie isn't having it, you can aim to enhance the results in Photoshop. Have her leading Santa's sleigh, emerging from the chimney with gifts or baking a gingerbread house. Even if your skills aren't topnotch, you can usually add jingle bells and snow to nearly any shot.

5. Give It a Personal Touch

Along with your merry and happy wishes, have your dog "sign" the Christmas cards. Use non-toxic, dog-friendly ink and drop in a paw print.

Thinking about a family photo? Call a family meeting now and brainstorm how to incorporate your pup into a fun and festive portrait you'll all enjoy starring in together. We hope you'll share the results with us!

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