Pet Insurance Protects Your Pup & Pocketbook

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Pet Insurance Protects Your Pup & Pocketbook

To insure, or not to insure? That is no longer the question. Whether Roscoe has you on edge after almost catching that car he's been chasing for years, or you're looking for a way to keep routine vet bills manageable, affordable and effective, pet insurance is like poetry to a dog owner's ears.

Unlike health insurance for humans, insurance for your dog involves very few complicated decisions. Owners simply pay a monthly premium, hitting a deductible prior to coverage kicking in. While it's important to note that dog insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions, some carriers do offer insurance for elderly dog accidents and add-on coverages for inherited conditions.

"Most people think of emergencies when it comes to pet insurance, but our basic plan covers non-emergent illnesses like cancer, urinary tract infections, ear infections and other common issues," says Erin Tursam with AKC Pet Insurance. "We also offer endorsements for congenital conditions such as heart disease, arthritis and diabetes."


Injury prevention is part of being a responsible dog owner, but even with the best precautions, accidents still happen. Dog insurance comes in handy in the event your pup tweeks their knee during a game of frisbee, has a run-in at the dog park with another pup, or gets injured trying to master new tricks.

"Everyone wants something different out of their pet insurance," Tursam says, "but no pet owner wants to have to make the tough decision of whether they can afford to treat their pet. That peace of mind is well worth the investment."

Many people seek insurance for their dog after they have an unexpected illness or injury, but pet owners need not suffer through such an ordeal before realizing the benefit. Vet bills in the U.S. are on the rise so doing research before an unfortunate event occurs is worth every dog owner's time.

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