Easter Egg Hunting With Your Pup

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Easter Egg Hunting With Your Pup

Easter activities are fun for the entire family, even our four-legged members can participate. Believe it or not, dog-friendly Easter egg hunts are growing in popularity around the country. We treat our dogs like our children, and have found plenty of ways to make this holiday inclusive for everyone (so our furry friends don’t feel left out).

Luckily for dog- lovers like us, many towns are starting to host dog-friendly Easter egg hunts. Check with your local town hall, town website/social media or newspaper to see if there are any located near you. If not, why not get creative and host a pup-tastic Easter egg hunt of your own? Here are some tips to make sure your doggie Easter egg hunt goes off without a hitch!

Safety first! Leash your pup. All furry participants should be kept on a leash so they do not try to compete with other dogs.

Egg Assembly: Plastic eggs can be hazardous if chewed and swallowed. If you do choose to use plastic eggs, make sure that they are large enough so that your dog cannot swallow them whole. If your dog is a rough chewer, it may be easier to skip the egg containers all together and just hide various treats around. Also, you can hide real hard-boiled eggs! Studies have shown that hard-boiled eggs are great for a dog’s health, including the shells, but make sure they aren't altered with dye.

Choose Your Treats: Make sure to hide treats and toys of all different shapes and sizes. A number of small treats will excite your dog without the risk of them overeating during the game. Hide treats that have an enticing smell and let their nose do all the work. If you have some extra time on your hands, you can even make your own dog treats with these easy to make Pumpkin recipes or these frozen treats.

Paw-ticipants: While it can be an exciting event to invite all your friends and their dogs to your hunt, some dogs with issues such as food guarding may not do well in this type of environment. For these pups, it may be better to host a party for 1!

Dogs only: Lastly, it’s a good idea to host your dog’s hunt prior to the game you may be setting up for your children. This way there is no risk of a dog finding leftover chocolate or candies that are not suitable for them to eat.

Take lots of pictures! Make sure to take some photos of your Easter egg hunt and share them with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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