Halloween Prep For Your Dog

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Halloween Prep For Your Dog

In addition to looking for matching costumes, you and your canine bestie can get ready for Halloween by working on new tricks she can use to earn her treats. You should also plan ahead to keep her feeling safe and secure when the ghosts and goblins come knocking on your door so it's a howling good time for everyone.

Let's start with a couple of new tricks:

Sit Up: Learning this trick takes a bit of time, as your dog needs to strengthen her back muscles but it's well worth the conditioning. Begin with a treat held just above her nose. As you move the treat backward and up, your dog will left her head and front legs to follow it. At first, give her the treat when she lifts her front feet. Naturually extrend the reward time so she sits on her haunches.

Answer Questions: Amaze guests by asking your dog to answer questions by lifting her paw. Train your dog to "raise paw" with both a voice command and hand signal. She should be facing you. If you want her to raise her right paw, extend your left hand, palm raised. Gradually reduce the gesture until she is responding when you how your palm. Imagine asking trick-or-treaters, "Who's ready for a treat?" and your pup lifts her paw when they do!

Halloween can be a scary time for dogs, so plan ahead:

Provide a safe retreat. Even dogs who like children may not react well to a parade of super heroes and princesses. Help your dog relax by giving her a comfortable spot to rest and one of her favorite chew toys to stay occupied.

Practice your greeting. If you want your pup involved in the evening, make sure you've both become experts at greeting guests at the door. While people don't usually come in full Halloween attire every day, having a routine for when anyone coming to your door is a good start.

Keep people treats out of reach. Halloween candy poses a big risk for your dog. Chocolate can be poisonous and even a small box of raisins dropped on the ground can cause a severe toxic reaction in dogs. Before you take your pup out in the yard on November 1st, make sure it's clear of candy remnants and any people food accidently dropped by your visitors.

Stay visible. Does your pup join you and your family every year when you make the neighborhood rounds? Be sure to keep them on a tight leash and visible to traffic, other dog owners and children. The LINK AKC Smart Collar's LED light not only helps with nighttime safety, but also illuminates the ground ahead so you can keep an eye out for what's been dropped or left behind.

Happy Howloween From Our Pack To Yours!

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