How To Train Your Dog To Greet Guests

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How To Train Your Dog To Greet Guests

Does even your most dog-loving guest peek around the door and take a deep breath before responding to your greeting, shouted above your pet barking? Even if your own guests' reactions aren't quite that extreme, it's never too soon to teach your dog how to properly greet visitors. Training them for greeting visitors makes everyone happier.

For dogs, doors are magical gateways bringing all sorts of unexpected things. Achieving a peaceful entry begins by identifying the moment when your dog begins to get excited. Does it start with the noise of the arrival? When the doorbell rings? When the guest enters? Or when you get excited yourself?

If you've been using the LINK AKC Collar for positive reinforcement training or another method like a clicker, it's likely you have successfully taught your dog to "go to bed" until you give a release command. Once they've recognized the signal as a positive one, achieving new desired behaviors becomes a matter of deciding what you want your dog to do, and what they need to do in order to receive a treat or your praise.

Dogs' genetic programming means they want to both see and react to what's happening at the door. If her "go to bed" place is out of sight of the door, why not identify another spot with a different name and different command, such as "wait there", where she can watch as you answer. When you're a comfortable distance from the door, release her to greet your guest with a command such as "say hi". The praise and treats she earns will now be associated with a series of positively reinforced behaviors, rather than the excitement of the arrival.

Training your dog to greet guests properly and to "wait there" when you come home reminds him of the behaviors you expect and using the LINK AKC Smart Collar as part of the training can make it a paws-itive experience for everyone.

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