Holiday Must-Haves: Ultimate Pet Tech Gift Guide

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Holiday Must-Haves: Ultimate Pet Tech Gift Guide

Keeping your dog happy and healthy is one of the most important things you can do as a pet parent. You make sure they're eating the right food for their size, breed, and age, getting enough exercise and having treats that support all of their wellness goals. But what about when you're away from home or have plans after work with friends? There's a new trend in pet-tech and it involves toys, collars and more to give you peace of mind when you're with or away from your furry best friend. Some of these tech toys even make the not-so-great things about owning a dog (like their fur on the furniture) even better!

Make your list and mark it twice, these presents are pawitively perfect for every dog parent on your list this holiday season and that can include you too! Best of all? Most are already running their Holiday specials so there's no need to wait on purchasing one (or more) of these cool toys.

PetNetio Automatic Feeder: If you know you're going to be away for an extended period of time or have a pup who is an overeater, this automatic feeder might be the best solution for your family. Holiday Deal: $119

LINK AKC Smart Collar: Our award-winning smart collar is one of the best ways to track your pet and make sure they're healthy and happy. Whether you're on the go or at home, you can get a sense of their activity level, their location and if the environment they're in is too hot or cold. Our holiday deal is already live so grab one while you can!

The Best Pet Lint Roller: Okay, so this one isn't technically a tech product but this one is great for anyone with super fuzzy pets. Perfect for pre-holiday clean up and a great way to make sure your dog stays in the house instead of leaving on the pants of your guests. Price: $29.99

Clever Pet: This is a video game for your dog. Yes, really. It allows your pet to learn through a series of games designed specifically for dogs with positive reinforcement techniques. It's perfect for any pup that needs to get some extra energy out! Price: $299

Furbo Dog Camera: This is a two-way camera with a treat-launcher to help you play with your pet on the go. Best of all? You can make sure they're not destroying your furniture while you spend the holidays with family and friends. Holiday Deal: $169

iFetch Dog Toy: Ever get tired of playing fetch? We'll bet your pooch's answer is a lot different than yours! With this toy, you can play fetch for as long as your pup wants without tagging in any humans to take over the game! Sizes range, depending on the size of your pup. Price: $39.95-$199

Petkit: Keep your pup slim and trim over the holidays with this smart dog bowl. It accurately weighs the amount of food that's placed in the bowl and provides suggestions in the app based on what kind of dog you have. Price: $74.99

This holiday, hook your pup up with the smartest dog collar around and stay connected with them like never before!

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