How to Celebrate Year of the Dog

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How to Celebrate Year of the Dog

Chinese New Year is almost upon us, this year it just happens to be Year of the Dog! We're all familiar with the zodiac calendar where your sign is based on the month you were born. However, did you know your Chinese zodiac sign is one of the 12 animal signs and is determined by the year of your birth? If you're wondering how to join in celebrating Year of the Dog, we've put together some ideas for you. Traditional Chinese New Year celebrations are generally noisy affairs that often include fireworks, which will likely not be enjoyable for your dog as we know from Fourth of July. However here are some other dog-friendly ways to enjoy the celebration.

No Cleaning Allowed

The Chinese believe that cleaning your house before Chinese New Year allows good luck to enter. So set aside some time for a doggy bathing session before Friday February 16th to capture the good luck the Year of the Dog brings. Start your Spring cleaning a little early and set-aside a few items that could become homemade dog toys for your BFF. However the belief is that cleaning during the first 48 hours of a New Year is the same as removing good luck from a house so get that cleaning done beforehand.

Get Your Lucky Outfit Ready

During Year of the Dog there are 3 lucky colors; red, green and purple. A big part of celebrating Chinese New Year is to wear these lucky colors. Don't be afraid to go all in on a spectacular lucky outfit for your pup. You can even create a festive sweater for your dog from old sweaters you find during the good luck clean-up! Just make sure whatever outfit you choose for your dog is made from breathable material like wool or cotton.

Host a Pup-Friendly Party

Instead of attending a parade with dancing dragons and fireworks, invite your friends over with their dogs. Get some Chinese New Year decorations, party hats and if you're feeling up to it, bake some homemade doggy cookies.

Good Luck Food

The Chinese believe that some foods bring good luck and more. For example, eating fish brings prosperity and munching on rice cake means better income. So share a little unseasoned Salmon with your dog or include rice with their kibble for greater wealth in 2018.

Finally, one of the best traditions around Chinese New Year is to spread goodwill. Children receive red envelopes filled with money from their parents, grandparents or others as gifts. The significance of the red envelopes is the red paper, not the money included. Money wrapped in red is expected to bestow more happiness and blessings on those who receive it. Participate in this tradition by providing payment in a red envelope to those who help your beloved pup live a happy life like their groomer, trainer, walker or vet!

We hope you and your pups have a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Dog!

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