Keep Tabs on Your Pup’s Temperature

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Keep Tabs on Your Pup’s Temperature

What if your dog is too cold or too hot in their environment, but they have no way of telling you? The ambient temperature, or air temperature of an environment, is very important in dictating your comfort level. If you're uncomfortable for you in your living room, you can go over and adjust the thermostat. However, our dogs can’t adjust the air to cool them down or warm them.

Being aware of the ambient temperature that your dog is living in, is very important. Thankfully, you are covered with your LINK AKC collar. You can set temperature alerts within the LINK AKC app, and monitor the ambient temperature even when you are not in the same place as your dog! Your pup’s collar will send you an alert that the ambient temperature is above the threshold that you set in your app, so you can make sure to adjust it.


It is important, however, to remember that the ambient temperature is read through your dog’s collar. If your dog loves snuggling up in his dog bed during the day or being covered in blankets while they sleep, be sure to increase the high temperature threshold so you don't receive unnecessary warnings.

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