Meet the Link Brand Ambassadors

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Meet the Link Brand Ambassadors

We're proud to have some of the most dashing dogs on social media as Link brand ambassadors. From the cute and cuddly to the adventurous and active, the Link Pack pups show how the system works for all types of pups. 

Check out the faces of Link and give our friends a follow! 


SC, mini bernedoodle puppy, enjoys traveling around his state, days at the dog park, chewing toys and working with local brands in the Mount Pleasant area!


NC, Odin is a fox red lab and Appa is a retriever/boxer. These handsome brothers enjoy water activities, hiking through the woods, playing in the snow and days filled with fetch!


NY, Barley and Rye are adopted siblings exploring, hiking and adventuring through the state of New York, no matter what the weather is! They constantly find new trails to hike, snow or water to play in, and work hard as reactive pups in training.


MA, Honey is a golden retriever who is the best companion to her family, loves swimming in the pool or at the beach, and enjoying backyard time with her baby brother with a second on the way!


GA, Benny is a bernese mountain dog who's the sweetest loving fluff! He’s exploring his new home and adjusting to the city life in ATL! Benny loves days at the dog park, afternoons strolls through the city, and snuggles to end his day.


VA, Brisbane is a California dog mix rescued from South Carolina now living in Virginia. She is energetic, loves to explore, and is known for her cute and famous floppy ears on Tik-Tok!


NYC, Bruno is a Brooklyn beagle enjoying the city pup life. He loves to explore the streets of NYC, long afternoons of fetch in central park, and try new foods from all across the city!


FL, Cava is a mini Aussie pup living the Florida life. Born and raised in Orlando, she is constantly exploring new parks around the city, boat rides on the lake, and meeting up with other local Aussie friends for weekend fun!


VA, Cleo and Rocko are sibling pups exploring the east coast. They love to swim the Virginia beaches, find new trails to hike, chase birds, all while their momma is an amazing photographer capturing their adventures!


NYC, Fletcher is a mini Aussie mix living the city boy life in NYC. He loves exploring new places around New York while also getting off the island to hike, swim and is also an agility trained pup! 


VA, Maria is an American black lab from Vermont. She enjoys dock diving, eating snow, days on the boat and playing fetch for hours!


FL, Kona and Meili are sister Aussie pups living their best life in sunny Orlando FL. From hiking trails in the suburbs, to model shoots, to meet ups with their best friend Cava, this Aussie gang is always up for new adventures!


FL, Kona is a pomsky pup who loves to explore the FL coast. Originally from Orlando, she enjoys her days in the city, but also getting away and spending time at the beach over in New Smyrna where she loves to roll in the sand or surf the waves!


FL, Kora is an energetic Aussie who loves to explore the FL coast. Her favorite activity is playing frisbee on the beach, swimming in the salt water, and a long nap on the ride home!


FL, Ruby is an adventurous doodle living in Orlando, FL. She enjoys long runs with her momma as she trains for multiple races during the year, exploring new parts of the city and reporting about local events or restaurants across her social media platforms!


NC, Piper and Iris are adopted sisters currently living in Lexington, NC. They are adventure seeking, working on balanced training and are all around down for new places to explore each day!


FL, Pongo is from Link's headquarter city of Jacksonville, FL. He is a 3 year old Dalmation, full of energy, loves to play fetch at his local park and is always down for a new adventure, no matter where he’s off to!


FL, Remy is an adventurous Aussie living in Orlando, FL. He enjoys exploring the city with his momma exploring all across the state finding the best pet friendly spots for dog lovers. They are huge Disney fans and enjoy going to the parks regularly! 


FL, Belle and Hazel are Aussie sisters from Orlando, FL. From hiking trails in the suburbs with their Aussie Orlando pack, to local events, these sisters are always on the move and ready for a new adventure!


FL, Ranger is an Aussie dog living in the sunshine state. Him and his mom are food critics, always adventuring around central FL to find new places to try and making sure they’re ALWAYS dog friendly!


MD, Roxy is a 3 legged pup adopted and living with her husky brother Ghost. They are always finding new pup-friendly places around Maryland and adventuring around the state for local fun.


CO, Ruca is a cancer surviving pitbull living the van life with her paw-parents. She is exploring the midwest, from swimming in crystal clear lakes, to rolling in the snow under the mountains, she is always finding a new way to have fun!

OH, Ozzy is a sweet and shy brindle pup from Cleveland. He loves exploring around the local areas of his hometown, swimming in lakes he finds on his hikes and rolling in the winter snow! 


MI, Parker is known as the talking dog, using her Fluent speaking buttons, she has learned to communicate with her momma when she's ready to eat, go out and take on a new adventure. She enjoys hiking through the great state of Michigan and is also working on her agility training!


CO, Revy is a Toller pup and is always on the move! Whether it’s new hiking spots, rolling in the snow, or rafting down the Colorado river, Revy is always up for an adventure in his home state.


TX, Ranger is a good ole country pup from Texas. He is always on the move, no matter if it's the dog park, long car rides or fetching his frisbee, he’s an all around adventurous pup!


TX, Austin is a country doodle living in Texas. He loves long days at the dog parks, car rides with the windows down only and exploring new cities across the state of Texas!


CA, Kaleiah (cue Katy Perry) California Girl! She is always finding new places to explore around SoCal and outside the city, no matter if it's Griffith observatory or camping in Frazier park, Kaleiah is always on the move and staying active!


UT, Kopa is a licensed therapy dog living his best life adventuring through the state of Utah. He is always finding new trails to hike, pools to dive into, while also being a fully trained service animal helping others!


CA, Masego is a german shepard pup living in San Diego. He is in training to become a therapy dog, but enjoys lots of water activities such as beach days, paddle boarding and is eager to explore new areas of the west coast.


CA, Harrison is a doodle pup loving the Cali coast. He is currently in training to become a therapy dog, but loves spending days at Huntington beach pier rolling in the sand, watching sunsets and snuggles after a long day of adventures!


CO, Olaf is a brown newfie spreading happiness wherever he goes! He’s a big fluff of love and enjoys car rides, new hiking spots and rolling in the snow, no matter where hes exploring across the state of Colorado!


WA, Luna, Peanut and Oakley are the coolest pack in Washington. All 3 are working together on their reactive training, exploring, hiking and swimming in new spots around their home state. They also run a chicken farm in their backyard, making their social media a hoot to watch everyday!

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