New Puppy Planning Checklist for a Perfect Start

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New Puppy Planning Checklist for a Perfect Start

Are you introducing a new puppy into your life? This is such an exciting time for everyone, pup included. And it needn't be a difficult introduction if you follow our new puppy planning checklist before bringing your furry friend home.

New Puppy Checklist:

1. Puppy Gear!!

Potty Pads are a great way to teach our new puppy housebreaking skills.

Collar & Leash. Get your new pup a LINK AKC smart collar so you are able to track their location, activity and much more. If your puppy grows out of the collar size you purchased for them, we will send you another size as part of our Size Guarantee.

Toys and Games. We suggest getting KONG toys to help keep your pup entertained for hours. Try freezing some peanut butter inside them so your pup will have a tasty treat to work on.

Teething bones. Make sure you do not get any bones that can splinter or break into small peices. Also, it is important to never leave your puppy playing with a bone unattended. We like Nylabone products which are specially designed for a puppy's chewing needs.

Crate. Consider getting a crate that can be expanded in size as your pup grows.

Bed. A comfy bed is a must have. We love the ZenDen, a dog bed that has a blanket attached to the top of a soft fluffy pillow bed!

Puppy Food. Puppies need to eat special food so even if you have an adult dog in the home, don't try switching your puppy to adult food until they are ready. Also, make sure to get them a pair of food and water bowls.

Treats, especially training treats, are going to be very important as you begin training your new friend.

Plan Ahead

Even the smallest puppy needs a surprisingly large amount of space. To account for this, consider swapping out a bedside table for an adult-sized crate that has a divider to make a puppy-sized crate she can grow into. You should also choose the ideal spot for puppy's day bed and toys in the room where you spend the most time. Eyeball your kitchen for a cozy spot for your fur baby to be with you while you cook and eat. Also, consider a discreet location for elimination pads if you plan to use them through potty training.

Research and Inquire

Simplify your early months together by mapping out a regular feeding schedule as well as potty, play and sleep times. The American Kennel Club has terrific guidelines and articles for meeting these basic puppy needs.

New puppy parents should have lots of questions on their list of things to do. Find out how to purchase a dog license, explore the benefits of pet insurance and research the difference between a microchip and a smart collar to keep her safe. And be sure to add very important puppy people (VIPPs) to your circle. Your VIPP group should start with a veterinarian, followed by a groomer and may also include a dog sitter, dog walker, and trainer for activities and socialization. Ideally, they ought to be familiar with your puppy's breed(s). Ask each VIPP for references as well as information and recommendations on your puppy's care, including costs and availability.

Bonding Time

Having checked off the items on your new puppy checklist, when arrival day finally comes, your final task is to sit quietly with her and wait for the magic moment when you and your pup make the special heart-to-heart connection you'll share for the rest of your lives.

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