Paw Tested & Pup Approved Cleaning Products

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Paw Tested & Pup Approved Cleaning Products

If you have pets in your home then you probably need to clean...a lot! Not all cleaning products are created equal and many contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to you and your pup. It's incredibly important to poison proof your home and keep toxic products out your curious canine companion's reach. To help kick-start your clean-up, we've compiled a list of pet products that are safe for every member of your family.

Fur Control: Excess fur weighing you down? Leave it to the experts at Electrolux Appliances to design a vacuum specifically for hair and deep stain removal. With engineered bristles designed to actually cut hair as it comes in, you will never have to worry about pulling stubborn, tangled hair from the bottom of your vacuum. Pro Tip! Fight the urge to wipe away muddy paw prints on your carpet by letting the dirt dry. This will allow you to easily vacuum the dirt away in a flash!

Lovely Locks: Speaking of dog hair, keeping your pup's locks clean and freshly washed can help the overall cleanliness of your home. Treat your pooch to a day at the spa with Pet Head Dirty Talk Deodorizing Shampoo. Your fur-baby will go from scruff to fluff in minutes with their eco-friendly, made in the USA product and will save you time and money at the groomer.

Smudge Free Zone: Paw prints and slobber streaks are sweet reminders that your pup is super excited when you get home, but they aren't the most pleasant to look at. SpotAway Glass Cleaner is non-toxic and free of fumes that traditional glass cleaners tend to have.

Pee-You: We all have bad days. If you have a puppy in your home, or even a seasoned potty trained pooch accidents can happen. When they do, be prepared with Urine Off Odor & Stain Remover. This product contains a bio-enzymatic formula that will break down uric acid salt crystals (found in urine) and permanently remove the odor and stain. Safe around pets and people - win, win. For overachievers, and sneaky pups, we recommend Urine Off Finder Mini LED Light. This battery powered ultraviolet flashlight uses 'black light' to reveal hidden potty spots that cannot be seen by the human eye. Once a secret potty spot is revealed, phase two of the operation is to spray a deterrent (free of harsh chemicals) to eliminate the recurring behavior like Naturvet Pet Organics No-Go!

DIY: There are always solutions that you can most likely find around your house as well. Sprinkling baking soda on your cushions for about 15 minutes will absorb any unwanted odors and give a quick refresh. When mixed with water, baking soda can also be used as a carpet and tile cleaner to absorb urine stains. Vinegar is also a classic non-toxic cleaning agent. Combine with baking soda and lemon juice for a fizzy, citrusy, all natural scrub.

Keeping your dog away from commonly used products that may cause them harm should always be a priority when it comes to cleaning and if you aren't sure, better to be safe than sorry. The LINK AKC Smart Collar comes with comlimentary access to the Pet Poison Helpline which, outside of your veterinarian, is a trustworthy resource should you have an emergency. Happy cleaning everyone!

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