Play The Have You Ever Game: Dog Edition

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Play The Have You Ever Game: Dog Edition

Loving your dog comes naturally. Sometimes, however, love makes us do some pretty interesting things. Read through these “have you ever” statements and figure out how much of a crazy dog person you really are.

Have You Ever?

  1. Set up a social media account for your dog? Many of us are guilty of this. We have so many adorable photos of our dogs that we want to post a new one every single day! So what if our friends are sick of seeing our dog 365 days a year in different rooms of the house? It’s time to make an Instagram account specifically for your pup.
  2. Tricked your dog into thinking they’re getting 1,000 treats! Well, maybe not 1,000 but you get the idea. You take one big treat behind your back and break it up into tiny pieces. You watch with delight as your dog thinks they won the jackpot by getting a ton of treats in one sitting.
  3. Let your dog share a bite of your food: It happens to the best of us. We are sitting there eating a bowl of popcorn and a piece or two just happens to “fall” onto the couch and into your dog’s mouth.
  4. Used a special voice for them: If you haven’t ever asked your dog a question and then answered for them in a slightly different voice (whether out loud or in your head), can you really consider yourself dog crazy?
  5. Thought about doing an entire photo shoot of your dog. Maybe you’ve actually done it. (Guilty.)
  6. Asked for leftovers at a restaurant because you know it’s something your dog will absolutely LOVE and has ingredients that are dog-safe.
  7. Bailed on plans with your friends because sitting around watching movies with your dog seems like a much better way to spend an evening. Afterall, it is official that we'd rather be with our pets than people!
  8. Spent way more than you should by spoiling your dog with every holistic, natural, organic treat you could find. Or even, bought them a new leash or outfit for each season or holiday.
  9. Read every single ingredient on their bag of dog food and Googled any that you haven’t heard of, all the while digging into a bag of fast food for your own dinner.
  10. Been in a store and found the cutest little baby sweater and actually thought to yourself, “I wonder if that would fit my dog?”

Now it's time to score yourself:

10 out of 10: Certified Dog Crazy. You should reward yourself for being such a dedicated dog parent.

8-9 out of 10: We are impressed! You should get a plaque or a trophy.

6-7 out of 10: Your dog is one lucky pup to have you.

4-5 out of 10: There’s still time to prevent yourself from becoming full-on dog crazy.

2-3 out of 10: Your dog craziness could use a little work.

1 out of 10: You sure have a lot of self-control, don’t you!

What other "crazy" things have you done for your dog? Don't worry, we won't judge!

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