Snow Days: Indoor Fun When You're Stuck Inside

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Snow Days: Indoor Fun When You're Stuck Inside

When the weather outside is frightful, no one, including your dog, really wants to go outside for exercise. We've got five suggestions on how you can successfully entertain your dog in the comfort of your home and build the bond you share.

1. Stage a fashion show. Teaching your wriggly fur baby to stand quietly while you practice putting on and removing her cool new snowsuit or booties saves oodles of time. Transform her disappointment at not actually going walkies by offering your highest praise and treats. This can turn an otherwise tedious necessity into an indoor game for your dog.

2. Pose a mental challenge. Your pup is never too old to learn a new game. Hide his healthy treats in puzzle toys or make up your own version of hide and seek by hiding the treat in dog-safe places indoors. These activities provide fun and keep him mentally stimulated.

3. Treat your dog to a massage. In addition to relaxing your dog, a careful rubdown may reveal potential health issues. Not sure how to do it? There are beginner reference guides and videos available online or you can ask your vet at the next appointment.

4. Smell the roses. If your pup likes to work, there are plenty of common household articles you can safely use to explore the world of scent work with your dog. If your pup has a LINK AKC Smart Collar, use the tone feature as a positive reinforcement training tool for this activity.

5. Catch a movie with your bestie. After a romp outdoors or one of our recommended indoor activities, doggie downtime is a bonus for both of you. A cognitive study determined dogs can perceive both canine and human images on TV and on computer screens. So choose a movie or series with fast action and lost of barking to draw your dog's attention.

If winter weather is heading your way, prep for indoor activities by stocking up on low calorie treats or a different flavor of kibble. The new taste will be a treat and this list will give you new ways to bond with your four-legged bestie.

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