The Diva Dog: Dog Fashion at its Finest

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The Diva Dog: Dog Fashion at its Finest

2019 is the year of the diva dog! The dog fashion industry was once a topic that most would scoff at, however, over the years it has become apparent that fashion accessories for our furry friends are not going anywhere. In fact, the industry is booming as more and more companies are creating everything from customized collars and tags to sweaters and even sunglasses for dogs.

If you’re hoping to spruce up your pup’s wardrobe, allowing him or her to strut the catwalk (or sidewalk) in style, look no further than these brands:

1. Rebel Dawg: You’ve heard of customized dog tags but this brand takes it to the next level. On their website, you can create a personalized dog tag with your pup’s name, phone number, and even add on some colorful or glittery charms. If you prefer a pre-designed tag, they have hundreds of styles that you can choose from.


They even have a selection of medical tags that can come in handy in case of an emergency. For example, your tag can have the words, “Therapy Dog,” “Epilepsy,” “Deaf,” “Needs Medicine,” on them to alert anyone who comes in contact with your dog.


2. For the hippest dog on the block, look no further than Rororiri. This creative pet company carries everything from hoodies and rain jackets to bandanas and bowties. We can’t get enough of this Hoodie Chuck camo rain jacket and this fringe bandana.



3. If your dog already acts like a celebrity, why not dress them like one too? Everyone from Lady Gaga to John Legend’s dog has been seen wearing Moshiqua. While your pampered pet is resting in the lap of luxury at home they can wear this adorable ladybug bathrobe.


When she's ready for a night out on the town, make sure to dress her in her favorite set of pearls.


We also LOVE this TinTin bracelet with a leash attached. There's no reason you can't look chic when out walking your dog.


4. If you're looking to add a fun sweater to your dog's wardrobe, Max Bone is the place to go. This knit sweater with embroidered lettering is too cute to pass up. There is even a hole at the top to thread your dog’s leash through.


For the avant-garde dog, this sweater is c-h-i-c. If you purchase this sweater for your pup we NEED to see any and all photos!


5. Playing off the popular Canada Goose jacket, your dog can confidently rock a Canada Pooch parka sold on Shop Dog & Co. They also sell this colorblock rainbreaker jacket by WAGWEAR that will be the perfect coats for city and country dogs alike.


6. If you’ve read this year's Holiday Gift Guide you’ll know we are big fans of the Wild One walking kits. They are a matching leash, collar, and waste bag set made out of a stain and odor resistant material. In addition to being non-toxic and pet-safe they come in the most eye-catching shades like a bright coral. What we love most is that our Sport Sleeve and Classic Carrier for LINK AKC slide right on the collars for seamless use.

7. Lastly, no look is complete without the proper hairstyle. Urban Outfitters sells a dog styling cream called Fatboy Boss that promises to conquer any dog styling challenges. If you’re looking for a stronger hold gel, CHI makes a styling gel called CHI K9. Lastly, Aesop is known for making high-quality products and now sells a product called Animal that can be used on dogs. It will help to deodorize their fur and act as a gentle body wash. You can even use it as a handwash for yourself!


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