The Perfect Pair: Dog & Owner Halloween Costumes

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The Perfect Pair: Dog & Owner Halloween Costumes

Planning to rock matching dog and owner costumes at your Halloween party this year? Or maybe your plan is to stay at home, and surprise trick-or-treaters by answering the door in an outfit that coordinates with your best furry friend. It's not too late to make plans for a memorable holiday! Choose one of these spook-tacular dog and owner costumes to make this Halloween howlingly special.

Star Wars

Sport side buns as Princess Leia and transform your pup into a cute, bear-like Ewok. Channel Han Solo by wearing a vest and boots and get a mini-ammunition belt to make your long-haired dog resemble Chewbacca. Or don a robe as Luke Skywalker and play up your pooch's dark side in evil Darth Vadar gear from a party store.

Pirate and First Mate

If you've got boots and a vest, throw on a headscarf, grab an eye patch, and prop sword to become an instant pirate. Dress your dog in a striped shirt and jaunty hat to create his look. Bonus points if your pet parrot will sit on your shoulder!

The Little Mermaid and Sebastian

You can go under the sea by choosing a sparkly fishtail skirt and a red wig to transform into Ariel the mermaid. A wrap-around, red lobster costume gives a canine of any size the look of the loveable crustacean Sebastian.

Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma Wolf

You get the traditional red cape and basket of goodies for granny, and your pup becomes the wolf disguised as granny. Give your pup a shower cap, a little knit shawl tied around her shoulders for her disguise. Spectacles make the outfit complete but will likely be impossible to keep on her face. Reward her for being a good sport and playing the role of the hungry wolf with seasonally appropriate snacks.

The Wizard of Oz

The obvious choice is for you to be Dorothy and your little dog plays Toto. But why not flip this classic on its head. You go green-faced as the Wicked Witch in a long black gown and pointed hat, and outfit your pup as one of the flying monkeys.

No matter how you celebrate Halloween with your pup, we hope you'll share your photos with us!

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