The Ultimate Winter Safety For Dogs Checklist

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The Ultimate Winter Safety For Dogs Checklist

As the temperatures continue to drop this winter, there are hazards that you need to protect your pup from. We’ve put together a short winter safety for dogs checklist to help prevent any disasters from happening to your pup.


When the temperature drops below freezing make sure your dog is not outdoors for too long as his ears, tail and paws are vulnerable to frostbite.

Check your heaters

Make sure your heaters are maintained and working properly. If you use a heat lamp in a kennel make sure it is in a place your pup can’t get to it. If you’re concerned about the temperature during the night you can set up temperature alerts using the Link Smart Pet Wearable that notifies you when your dog is in an environment that may be too cold for them.

Pesky pets

It’s that time of year where mice, rats, and other rodents like to invade houses and kennels in search of warmth. Dealing with these pests is always a challenge. Live traps are a great way to deal with any invasion.

Antifreeze is anti-dog

Some commonly used antifreeze products contain toxic chemicals that can lead to illness or death. Be vigilant and if you believe your dog has ingested some antifreeze then call the PetPoisonHelpline. Their expert team will be able to help. Calling the Pet Poison Helpline is free if you have a Link.

Have you used pet-friendly salt?

Rock salt is corrosive and can cause a lot of distress for dogs at this time of year. If you can, use a pet-friendly salt as this is much easier on your pup’s paws and underbelly. If your dog does come in contact with regular rock salt while out walking, use a warm cloth to wipe down his paws and underbelly when you get home. Make sure you take the time to remove any salt particles that may have lodged in his paws.

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