Understanding Your Link: Complete Customization

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Understanding Your Link: Complete Customization

Did you know the Link GPS dog collar is designed to be customized to each user’s lifestyle and preferences? When we set out to create the industry’s best dog GPS tracker and activity monitor, we knew that would require the option to adjust how the system functions on a case-by-case basis. No two households operate on the exact same routine and no two dogs are the same, and the Link needed to be adaptable to the individual needs of each Link Pack family.

Here are a few ways you can customize your Link system to seamlessly fit your needs and habits. 

Step Calibration
When you first begin using your Link, you may notice your dog’s steps seem too high or too low based on the activity you know they engaged in that day. As with any step counter, the Link will need to be calibrated to match your pup’s size and stride. 

We’ve made it easy to adjust your dog’s step calibration to match your pup’s stride. Much like humans, dogs have different strides based on their size and gait. To adjust your pup’s step calibration, open your Link app > Profile > Step Calibration > and adjust the slider to calibrate your Link device to your dog’s stride for more accurate step reporting. 

Away Alert Settings
You can now choose how responsive you’d like your Link system to be based on your dog’s habits and your family’s lifestyle. In the Link app under Profile > Away Alert Settings, you’ll find a slider where you can set your Link system’s sensitivity on a range from low to high. 

Setting your away alert slider to “high sensitivity” will send the initial away alerts within 1-2 minutes, while the “low sensitivity” will send the initial away alerts within 5-7 minutes. For those pups prone to testing out their latest escape plan, we recommend setting your Link to the highest sensitivity while those who favor couch naps over adventure may prefer a lower setting. 

Heartbeat Light 

One of the features on your Link is the heartbeat light. By default, your Link device will flash teal to indicate it is powered on and accurately tracking your pup. But did you know you can customize the light to a wide variety of color options in app? Additionally, you can turn the light off – which is especially useful if your dog sleeps in your bedroom at night. 

Simply open the app and tap Profile > Heartbeat Light > and select your color.  

Activity Goals
From short-term injury management or weight loss protocols to longer-term lifestyle changes, you may need to revisit and update your dog’s activity goal. This can be easily adjusted by opening the Link app > Profile > Activity Goal. Simply move the slider to the new goal you’d like to set then tap update, and you’re all done! Your updated goal will be reflected in the app the next calendar day. 

Attachment Options 

One of the things our Link pack members love most is the ability to attach the Link to their collar or harness of choice. There are several options for this to ensure every Link user has the perfect solution. 

  • Clip, Elastic & Velcro Attachments
    Your Link comes standard with the clip and elastic attachments. This provides a well-fitting solution for most collars or harnesses. For round or especially large collars, we recommend the velcro attachment, as you can customize the size and fit and trim the velcro wrap to the perfect size for your dog’s collar. 
  • Link Sleeve
    Made from CORDURA® Ballistic Nylon fabric, the full-coverage Link Sleeve is our most durable attachment option. Fit for even the rowdiest playtime pups, this heavy-duty velcro wrap holds the Link device securely to your pet’s favorite collar or harness and provides full wrap-around coverage. 
  • Link-Ready DOOG Collar
    For pet parents who value function AND style, the Link-ready DOOG collar features a sleek, built-in Link attachment that’s specially designed to hold your pup’s Link device close against the collar. The collar has a quick-release buckle and black, teal and cream polka dot design. 

Link Wraps
Style your Link to match your pup’s collar, reflect their bright personality or easily differentiate Links in a multi-dog household with the Link Wraps. Printed on premium 3M vinyl for easy application and residue-free removal, Link wraps feature a vivid, high-gloss UV coating that provides sleek, lightweight protection from minor dents, scratches, drops, and dust.

They’re also reusable so you can swap back and forth to suit your mood or switch it up seasonally! 

These customizations allow you to transform Link into a powerful tool to connect you with all aspects of your dog’s health & wellbeing in ways that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and routines and make the system work how you need it to in the moments that matter most. Click here to learn more about the Link Smart Pet Wearable - industry-leading GPS dog tracker, activity monitor & training aide.
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